Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May Glossybox

Hey guys,

It's Glossybox time again. I know, I know, it's practically time for June's box I've left this post so late! Lol

Now I do have to be honest, the reason I've left it so long is because this box just didn't wow me. The items were ok, I did like the lipstick (I think I have an obsession with collecting them!) and the shadow stick best.

I was going to do a post on just those two but thought, no just because the other items don't appeal to me, doesn't mean others won't enjoy them.

So moving on from my little waffle above, I give you the Glossybox of May! *cue flying doves and flower petals* haha.

SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate

This is meant to soothe skin after shaving and reduce the amount of regrowth you get. Full of ingredients from fruits and other scientific mumbo jumbo that also make sure you don't get ingrowing hairs. 
Whilst this is a handy product to try, I just thought it was boring for a beauty box. Nice packaging though.

Etre Belle Ultra Moisturising Gel

This is an Aloe Vera moisturiser which most of us know is fabulous for those warmer months. Not only does this product hydrate your skin but it will sooth and cool as well. Always a good thing especially if, like me you turn into a lobster, with the slightest hint of vitamin D hitting your skin ;) lol 
Nice product, kind of pricy at nearly £16 for the small tube. 

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam

The dry shampoo with a posh twist. Same principle, just in a foam. Massage into your scalp then quickly remove with a towel leaving you with fresh, clean looking hair. 
Smells nice and does the trick. Worth £8 when Batiste is £2? Not sure I'm sold.

Collection Cosmetics Lipstick

Part of the Spring Field Day range, this is a lovely pastel salmon pink. Matte finish and it goes on well.
Great spring shade to add that bit of colour to the lips. Very cute. Plus it's really affordable at less that £3.

MeMeMe Dual Ended Eye Wand

This Enchated eye pencil is lovely. Beautiful, creamy formula in two gorgeous shades.
A shimmery navy blue and an almost metatalic teal. Love these colours and with this pencil you can create edgy eyeliner looks or use these as a base to intensify your powder shadows. Happy days!
Plus that's two colours in one pencil so less space is used in your make up bag/box/drawer ;) haha

As always if you fancy subscribing to Glossybox then check them out here 

It's £10 plus p&p and you can cancel whenever, it is nice to get a delivery every month and you get to try some cool products or brands you normally wouldn't.

So that's my Glossybox. What did you think? Am I just being picky or did I get some goodies? 

Much Love,

Bex x

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