Saturday, 4 April 2015

Surviving Easter!

Hi guys,

Pretty self explanatory what today's post entails. How I'm surviving the chocolate tsunami that is imminent! 

I have four nieces and nephews and all will be arriving, ready to find all the delicious goodies the Easter Bunny left. Not to mention my brother who's autistic loves his choccy eggs.

Sooo I don't really want to backtrack this weekend. I've been feeling blah enough this week, I'm not adding a sugar coma with a dose of guilt on the side to it.

That being said. We are all humans. We enjoy the naughty foods and the good. Having the odd treat isn't a bad thing and in no way am I saying 'you mustn't eat any chocolate!'

Let's be realistic folks, chocolate tastes nice and Easter is the perfect occasion to overindulge. Unfortunately I am unable to stop at a small piece or even bar. Once the yummy smooth taste of Cadburys or Galaxy passes my lips I become the chocolate version of the Cookie Monster! FYI it's not pretty haha.

So I thought I'd share a few things I'm trying this year to have a treat but not fall into that vat of Nutella (if you read this post you'll know what I mean).

Nakd bars: These beautiful bars of yumminess are made using natural ingredients. Mostly fruit and nuts :) I loovvveeee the Choc Orange flavour *wipes off drool* these are available at most health stores and supermarkets.

Banana Bites: grab a banana either slice in half or chop into think chunks. Spread the nut butter of your choice on top (almond all the way) and enjoy! 

No bake healthy brownies: These are from Danni's site and are soooo yummy! The topping is blended banana and cocao powder but gives the illusion of fudgey gooeyness! Want tasty, healthier recipes? Follow her  hungryhealthyhappy blog!

Dark 80% chocolate: If the chocolate monster becomes too loud, a few pieces of dark choc does the trick. The higher the percentage the better. Just beware of the bitterness.

Fruits: Diced fruit is another great way to make the sweet tooth happy. At least it's a natural sugar and does the body good. You can even dip them into some melted dark choc :) yum

These are some of the things I'm trying instead of reaching for an Easter egg. Yes the calories may not be much different but these treats are better for my body and they don't trigger my inner greedy girl like milk chocolate does.

Overall I have to ask myself which I want more. The chocolate egg that's gone and forgotten after 5 minutes or to be rocking a gorgeous dress in summer? 

Have a fabulous Easter guys! Whether you eat 10 eggs or 10 grapes! Enjoy yourself :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Hope you have a lovely Easter! Sounds like you've got a really good mindset, I've asked everyone not to buy me chocolate this year so I have literally no excuse!
    Look forward to a Outfit of the day with you rocking the dress come summer!

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to post about fashion as well :D
      Oooh did you get any in the end? x

  2. I thought of you today when I was trying to avoid all chocolate! I managed to do it though, I'm glad you stayed strong too! You're 100% right, it'll be worth it when we're rocking our fab clothes in the summer! :)


    1. Yey! I'm so pleased you survived the chocolate rush :)
      Here's to rocking hot dresses! Lol x

  3. You've got some good ideas for staying on track at Easter. It is certainly difficult at this time of year, my house is full of chocolate!

    1. Thank you! I decided to organise myself so I didn't give in. Lol. Hope you had a good Easter x


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