Friday, 3 April 2015

Read, Rest and Relax

Hey guys,

How we all doing?? After my recent lil moment (see previous post) I thought this is a perfect oppourtunity to share one of my favourite ways to shake away my cares.

I don't know about you but life is so fast paced nowadays with 24 hour supermarkets, restaurants readily available and don't get me started on social media!

The easy access to high tech phones with the latest bells and whistles from gaming and banking to apps that boil the kettle (how does that work??) 
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name some, are all there at our fingertips.

We humans are nosy creatures, so the lure of seeing how our friends are 'doing' is great, not to mention celebrities that use social media to engage and promote.

But do ever get those days where you turn off your phone, unplug the TV and curl up in the sofa with a magazine. A real one, not an app!

You've had a busy day at school/work/watching the kids and come home make sure everyone's fed and watered including yourself then you sit down with that much needed drink of choice (future reference I'm a coffee girl) and realise you didn't buy your magazine!

The thought of putting your poor feet back into your shoes makes you cry, you seriously just wanted half an hour of you time to chill, read and enjoy a soothing beverage.

Now imagine if you'd ordered your favourite reading material to be delivered? No waiting in cues at Asda, no struggling to park outside the local shops. You just come home and see that beautiful package waiting (erm your magazine people) Utter bliss!

uniquemagazines offer such a service. You can order one magazine or subscribe! Bonus you save more, the longer you subscribe. Winner!

Let take away the stress of the day by delivering you the magazines, you want to read.

I personally love reading real pages, holding a book or mag gives me something an iPhone or kindle never will. I love turning each page and hearing that crisp sound, smelling that paper smell and creating a wish list of all the pretty things I see! 

I get my fitness magazines delivered as they are quite pricy so knowing I'm saving each month makes the frugle girl in me happy, plus I can buy more beauty stuff! Always thinking ;D

I love the selection uniquemagazines offers. With over 3000 magazines from fitness to lifestyle, fishing to home & garden and many more.

I'd never heard of Your Fitness* before and I'm glad I got to read it. Not only does it motivate you, I've also found some new recipes to try as they included a free pull out by Davina McCall, who lets be honest looks amazing! Another mag to add to my collection :D

Do you prefer to hold a real magazine? 

What you waiting for? Save time and money, get the latest Cosmo or Men's Health delivered straight to your door and check out uniquemagazines :)

Much Love,

Bex x

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