Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Addiction or excuse?

Hi guys,

So another month has gone by, I got weighed on Monday, thinking it was the last day of March. Oh to actually check the calendar first!

I lost 7lb this month! Whilst that's a fab amount, I had set a goal of over 8lb. So so close!

I'm finding my motivation is waning lately and that scares me. It's so easy to fall off the wagon, hell sometimes I want to jump, straight into a vat of Nutella. Hmm gross but tasty ;p

They say that sugar hits the same addictive triggers in the brain as class A drugs. The difference being that I can never get away from food, regardless of focus, motivation or inspiration. I've got to eat to survive, thus thrusting my urges into overdrive.

I remember having a cry with my mum. I was fed up and wanted to eat whatever I wanted. Food is like my friend, it's there when I'm sad, bored, happy. It joins me at the cinema and also out shopping. It's a constant mental presence I'm always thinking about. Whilst eating breakfast, I'm buying my lunch and planning my dinner. 

You know what my mum said. Why would a friend be slowly killing you? Why would a friend want you to hide away in your room? Cancelling social events because you're clothes don't fit? 

It's a wake up call. Is wanting that chocolate bar so bad I'll jeopardise my weightloss worth it?  

Is food an addiction or am I making excuses to justify eating crap?

I need to focus on what good food provides my body and step away from the comfort eating mentality.

Food isn't my friend, it's not a sentient being taking away my loneliness. It's just food and I'm going to fight this mental craving with everything I have!

I'm ready to have the body I want and the life I want to lead!

Thanks for reading,

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Well done on your weight loss! :) You are an inspiration to us all :)

    I completely agree with this, and sugar IS an addiction. I'm finding it so hard to stay away from bad stuff at the moment but it's making me realise how unnecessary all the rubbish I was eating is! I find it hardest on my way to and from work, not to grab something to eat in the car on my hour commute. It's not needed, I can have something before work and when I get home, but my brain is constantly thinking and looking for where I can get food. It's scary how much food/sugar takes over!

    Great post Bex! xx

    1. Thanks hun!
      It's sooo hard sometimes. I admire you as you're baking as well!
      We just need to dig deep and remember it will be worth it! x

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss beautiful. I'm so proud of you :)

    You keep on putting up these amazing topics to blog about. I love it!
    Your mum is so right... Turning to food to comfort whatever mood we're in is so easy, but it's not getting us to where we want to be. It's a short term happiness, filling our bellies full of sugary laden foods only to wake up the next day with a sugar hangover and guilt.
    Seeing food as fuel instead of pleasure is a hard switch to make. You've come so far on this journey to allow food to take over your life again.

    You're, strong, you're independent, you can do this!

    How can you be lonely, you have meeeeee!! ;) hehe

    Love ya beautiful xxxx

    1. Thank you!!!
      You're the best! :D we both got this! Sometimes I just need a kick up the backside! Lol x

  3. Oh my gosh that's an amazing achievement! Maybe you could try something like Bear Nibbles paws (google it hahaha)? They're 100% fruit juice but taste exactly like a sugary sweet! Totally takes any other cravings away for me! :)
    Hannah x

    1. Thanks hun. I'll give those a try :D x

  4. Well done on your weight loss my darlin'..
    I completely understand your relationship with dreaming about food and planning meals, because I'm exactly the same..
    As long as your meals nourish you, give you enough energy&you enjoy them..then your on the right track xx

    1. Thanks so much hun! It's hard to lose the fat mentality but it can be done! x


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