Wednesday, 11 March 2015

You Beauty Discovery Box

Hi peeps,

Another subscription box today. Seriously you guys, they are soooo addictive!

The You Beauty box is a bit different however. You get to choose two products from a select list. I know this month they sent a few extras but I'm not totally sure if that's a regular thing or if you usually just receive the two items.

I saw a post about this on queen of the beauty boxes  blog and as soon as I saw the option to choose an illamasqua lipstick I was sold!

Off I went to check this website out. I entered my deets and came to the decision page! Eek like a kid in a candy store. What should I choose??

Obviously the lipstick was my first choice. Hello it's illamasqua! This is a beautiful lippie. It's a gorgeous red shade called Sangers. 

Can I just say, I'm in love with the packaging. It's a square tube that curves in on each side. In a black shiny case it's just lipstick heaven!
This is a matte finish so the formula is quite dry. I used lip balm to add moisture to my lips, then lip liner and the lipstick looked great. Plus the best part is that these are worth £18.50!

My next item was a pair of lash curlers from the Vintage Cosmetics Company. I've been eyeing some stuff from this brand for a while so imagine my joy to find this was an option.
The packaging is super cute and erm vintage style ;) lol sorry to state the obvious.
Guys the actual curlers are soooo pretty. A gorgeous rose gold that even if you don't use or like curlers, you need in your collection, just to add pizzazz!

Also included in the box were deluxe samples of Dove youthful shampoo and conditioner. I love Dove and use the body washes all the time! Well when I shower, I'm not constantly pouring it all over myself! Haha

Slightly confused about it being for ageing hair. I mean is that like anti wrinkle cream for your locks? Because I feel I'm not quite ready to draw my pension just yet!

Finally you get a snack bar from the nakd brand. People if you haven't tried these, then you need to! I already love them, especially now I'm being more health conscious, it's nice to find a sweet treat that's got less than 5 ingredients and that's mostly fruit and nuts. 
I know my local Asda are doing packs of 3 for £1.48 right now. My favourite flavour is the Choc Orange! Delish.

So that's my first ever You Beauty Box. This is a monthly box and the best part? It only costs £6.95 with free postage! Even if you only get this months just for the illamasqua lippie, you're getting a bargain!
Check them out here:

What did you think of this box? For those who get this, did you choose something else? 

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. omg that box had Illamasqua? how cool!


    1. I know! Less than £7 for an illamasqua lippie :D

  2. Just ended up buying this box mainly for that lippie. Damn lipstick addiction always dragging me in. I blame you if my parents question my spending this time :D
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Haha you're so cool :p
      I bought this for the lippie as well! Come on, illamasqua for less that £7? Erm YES! Lol
      It's a dry formula so defo moisturise your lips :) x


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