Monday, 2 March 2015

U-Spicy Brush Set

Hi guys,

I'm back with a nifty little set I've found. The U-Spicy Cosmetic Brush set has 10 synthetic fibre brushes that are perfect for cream and powder based products.

The set comes in a cute lil box and has 5 chubby brushes and 5 skinnier counterparts.

You also a get an informative booklet that explains each brush and what it can be used for as well as cleaning and storage tips. 
I like this, as if you're a newbie to make up, brushes or both then this will be a good starting point as you gain confidence and experience.

These brushes are so soft and feel great when using them. I especially like the flat top brush for applying foundation and the tapered one for setting my undereye concealer.

The smaller ones are great for blending concealer, contouring the nose area and even applying eyeshadow.

Included in this set:

Chubby handled brushes

• Flat  - perfect for foundation
• Tapered - love this for setting around my eye area
• Flat Angled - another brush great for foundation or to contour your cheeks
• Angled - I used this to buff out my contour. It's rounded and really blends well.
Round - I used this to add my blush, quick dab to the apples then blend away.

Skinny handled precision brushes

• Flat - great to blend concealer
• Tapered - I use this to highlight under my brows. Perfect shape to add shadow.
• Flat Angled - this is a great contour brush for the nose. 
• Angled - I used this to pack on transition shades. The angle helps get into the crease and it packs on the colour well. Also great for highlighting the cheeks.
• Round - another great shadow brush. Also great for blending your eye primers.

Overall I like this set, which surprised me as I love my beauty blender. 
I think it looks nice and the brushes did what they were supposed to do. My friend (who's make up I do) now prefers brushes and I must admit her foundation looked fab!

I did clean them before I used them and I had no shedding or shape deformity.

For those new to the whole make up world or if like me you never used face brushes much (beauty blender is a game changer) then this is a great little starter kit that won't cost you your first born child!

This beautiful set is only £14.99 at the moment on Amazon with free delivery! That's for 10 brushes guys!! 

Check them out here:

You can get them in black or white and they don't look or feel cheap. Pretty decent find if I do say so myself :)

Have you tried these brushes? If so what did you think?

Much Love,

Bex x

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