Monday, 23 March 2015

Three Shades of Red

Hi guys,

Bit of a 'which do you like?' kind of post today.

I was getting ready to meet a friend and was deciding on what look to go for. Did I want a full on eye look with blending and shading with various shadows, did I want just a smudge of colour to add depth or should I go Hollywood glam with black liner? Choices choices.

I decided to go black liner and pair it with a bold red lip! The simplicity of the look, doesn't take away its dramatic appeal. There's something about rocking red that makes you feel bold, confident and ready to kick arse and take names.

Then I thought what shade to choose?? Do I go for the pink toned coral, the orange based shade or should I rock the letterbox full on red?!

Hence this post. I thought I'd show you the different variations of red I currently own, don't get too excited I only have 3 haha

Givenchy Le Rough in Rose Dressing

I've mentioned this numerous times in my Givenchy post ( This is the perfect coral red. It packs a punch without the harshness that a full on red can sometimes be. This particular brand has fabulous lippies. They feel amazing on and don't dry out your lips. Winner winner chicken dinner!
 *I'm shaking my own head*

Limecrime Velvetine in Suedeberry

I own a few Limecrime lipsticks which I love! This is the only velvetine I possess and it's meant to set matte to your lip and not shift. Not fully sold on this formula, I find it drying and the smell isn't nice for me. Vanilla eww! 
It does go matte but doesn't last as good for me as it seems to for other people. Then again I've not found any lip product that does.
Formula and smell aside this is the perfect orange red. It's super vibrant and paired with a Kiko lip pencil in the same colour it's awesome to look at! This colour takes daring to wear, as its very in your face but if it suits you, then rock on lovelies! :D

Kiko Smart lipstick in True Red

This is the most perfect true red I've ever found. No pink tones peeking through or orange vibes to deter from the full on red colour.
It's literally Postman Pat's van in a tube! Haha.
I also love the shape of the lipstick, it's rounded and is perfect for me personally. It goes on better than any lipstick I own. Most times I need to neaten up my lip line but this one doesn't need that.
The lipstick is creamy and feels nice on the lips. Not drying which is good as I suffer from dry lips and lasted a few hours before a touch up was needed.
I paired this with a No7 lip liner in a matching red shade.

(Lippie order Givenchy, Limecrime, Kiko)

I decided to use my Kiko lippie and not to blow my own trumpet but the black liner (on my eyelids, not lips!) with the bold lip looked fabulous! :D

Which is your favourite red? Any other brands I should try?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Red Lips and a winged liner is always my go to look. I think my favourite out of those is the lime crime. My favourite red at the moment is L'oreals Blakes Red. Such a gorgeous lipstick and lasts ages.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Oooh I'll have to look at that! I got an illamasqua one which is a gorgeous red but it's matte so not the greatest to apply.
      I loovvveeee people who can do a wing like its nothing! Takes me ages!! x

  2. Oooh I love that last one.
    My favourite red lippie (and only lippie I really wear) is cover girl outlast in eternal flame. i think I've bought the same colour 3 times now and it's permanently in my 'going out' bag.
    It makes me feel badass. Well more badass than usual.

    1. Ooooh I'll have to see if we can get that brand in the UK.
      The last one is gorgeous! Plus Kiko are super affordable! Think this one was £2.50 off the top of my head :D x

  3. The Kiko one has to be my favorite from the ones you mentioned, it's such a beautiful red! My all time favorite red (for now) is Mac viva glam lipstick :)

    1. It really is a beautiful red and so affordable for such good quality :) x


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