Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pink Parcel Goodies

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share my goodies from February's (yes I know it's March now!) pink parcel box :)

As with last months box ( you get a supply of monthly feminine products and the best part of all, some fabulous goodies!! Yey :D

This is my lil horde guys! Included this month were:

• Lemon scented bath bombs, don't really need to explain these. It's some bath bombs that smell like lemons! Haha. I crack myself up!

• Paw Paw lip/skin balm this looks great as it says helps with skin conditions like eczema. I suffer on my hands so excited to see how this works.

• Perfectil hair/nail/skin vitamin tablets, this is a sample pack. Good idea especially if you're in the market for this type of vitamin.

• Bandeze hair ties, I love this type of hair tie. Holds hair in place but doesn't damage it or leave kink marks! 

• O.P.I nail polish in Orange. Excited to try this as its a gorgeous shade and I've heard good things about the brand. I usually use Jessica which I buy from my beautician :)

• Teapigs chocolate tea, not sure how I feel about chocolate tea. Will slowly build myself up to try it! 

• Divine dark chocolate caramel, this tasted simply divine (ha see what I did there) 

As you can see you get some cracking products :)
This is by far my favourite subscription box. It's like a happy smile in the middle of a storm.

I think because this box is just to provide you with time of the month essentials with some feel good extras thrown in, it's better than the surprise beauty boxes as its not a 'try this new brand' or deluxe beauty samples only.

It's a fabulous box that makes you excited at a time when mostly you feel rubbish.

At only £9.99 per month (p&p inc) it's a brilliant price. Plus your first month is only £5.95 so even trying one month is well worth it :)

Want your own box? Check them out here

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. So nice! I haven't heard of pink parcel before!


    1. It's a great box. I know the company is young but they can only get better :)
      Defo try it! For less than £6 for your first box, it's a bargain x

  2. Have to say i love reading your box reviews, gives me some ideas as to which box to chose!
    hugs and love,

    1. Aww thank you for reading and commenting sweets!
      It can be a minefield of beauty boxes to choose from!
      I love this box, it just makes me happy :) x


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