Friday, 27 March 2015

Myleen Klass Bronzer

Hi peeps,

Today I wanted to share a bronzer I got by Myleen Klass. Those not familiar with her, she shot to fame when she won Popstars back in 2000 and became part of the band Here'say. Erm it didn't last long.

Now Myleen works on different TV shows, one being Loose Women and more noticeably models and designs her own range for the mail order company Littlewoods.

If you read my post on losing pounds and debt ( You'll know I'm slowly chipping away at my debt problem! Yey!

Part of that is with Littlewoods (why are shoes so pretty??) but the good news is that everytime you make a payment, you get a percentage back as 'rewards' to spend on anything. Obviously a sales gimmick to keep you shopping but who cares? I had money to spend! Haha.

I'll be honest I chose this because the packaging is cool!! Leopard print guys! The trashy diva in me loovvveeeesss this!! Like 'oh wow, it's totes amazeballs' hehe.

It's so pretty :) I love the design. I think it adds that jazzy something, that makes me happy inside.

From the swatch you can see its a lovely warm brown. This is literally a full swipe from top to bottom, grabbing all the colours together which look beautiful.

One thing I couldn't get to show in the pictures was that it has a shimmer to it. I used it more on my cheeks to add a warm sun kissed glow, rather than to bronze everywhere! I like a good shimmer as much as the next girl but not all over my face! This isn't Twilight people!! Haha.

Anyway I just thought I'd share this lil gem and for those interested it's only £6! Bargain for a cute product :)

Have a great week guys,

Much Love,

Bex x

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