Monday, 16 March 2015

March Birchbox

Hello people,

It's Birchbox time again. I know loads of people blog about their own subscription boxes, so I imagine most are familiar with the products but I thought 'what the hell, I'll show mine too' ;)

This month I got the smaller box which is really cute! Plus I love the colourful design :) Here is a picture showing the size difference.

You can see it's has quite a bit chopped off but fear not my fellow beauty box lovers, you still get your goodies.

This month Birchbox joined up with Habitat to provide some lovely products. 

Serenity Dead Sea Bath Salts £9.50

These look good to use, especially as it's meant to be good for skin conditions. I know that salt water is great for my eczema so we shall see how it goes.

Philip Kingsley smooth cream £18

Yet another hair product from this brand. At this point I'm pretty sure this company is sponsoring subscription beauty boxes as its all I seem to get!
This is for before or after styling to keep locks sleek. Not my kind of product so I gave to a friend.

Catherine Malandrino style de Paris perfume £50

This was a lovely sample to try. It's got the fruity tones I love yet this has a stronger smell so I'd use more for a night out scent.

Lord & Berry Bronzer £19

This is a sample size but I love it! Formula is matte and I got the shade sienna. It's not as orange toned as the Benefit hoola. It's a lovely lighter brown shade which is perfect for adding that touch of colour to warm your face :)

Benefit Badgal mascara £17.50

How cute is this little sample! Then you open it and the wand is bloody huge! Pardon my language. Lol
It's a bristle brush which I'm not usually a fan of, as I said in a previous post on mascaras ( but this was actually nice, big brush aside. Gave my lashes some volume.
My only vice is whilst I like each Benefit mascara I've tried, I'm not sold on the price point (see what I did there? Haha) I think you can get other mascaras just as good, for a fraction of the cost.

Finally you get a chapter sample of a book and a tiny notebook which is a fab idea :)

Keep the notebook with you to jot down notes and it you're a blogger then it's great for if a post idea pops in your head midway though shopping or having a brew :)

Not sure on the book sample. I mean it's good for getting a taste of the authors writing style but I'd much prefer a short story that ends, then I can decide if I like the author and buy a full book.

So that's this months box. Not too bad, got to try some new products and I'm glad I got the bronzer so that's a winner :D

Birchbox is only £10 plus p&p, if you're interested then give it a go :) plus if you're a new customer, you can use code JUST4YOU to get free shipping!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I really miss my beauty box subscriptions and this looks like a fab box :) I think the Benefit mascara would be my favourite product in this one xx

    1. Haha sooo addictive. Even when you get a rubbish month, it's really hard to press cancel *hides face*
      If you get this month you can choose which mascara you want from benefit! :D x

  2. So if you had to chose one which box would be your favorite?

    1. Hmm in a one off box then the look fantastic this month had some great finds or the Latest in Beauty boxes are always winners plus you can see what you're getting in them.
      Subscription boxes? Pink parcel both fun and convenient at a crappy time ;) x


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