Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Make Up Revolution vs Lorac

Hi girls & guys,

I wanted to talk about the new Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro Palette today.

First off I'm a huge fan of this brand. I think the products are of good quality for such reasonable prices.

This little tray of goodness is a said to be a dupe for the Lorac Pro 2 palette. But is it as good as the high end brand? 

Included in this are 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer/metallic shades. As you can see its a lovely warm toned palette with that pop of cool blue and silver (FYI the main reason I chose this one)
You get a brilliant dual ended brush that's not the typical double sponge applicator (seriously why do palettes still include them?) this one has the flat side to pack on lid colour and a small blending side to create the perfect cut crease.

The shadows themselves feel very soft and almost creamy when I swatched them.

I had to double swipe some of the lighter shades but you can see that they are quite pigmented. 

I did find these shadows have some fallout when using them, however the colours were beautiful when on the lid. I also used a primer on my lid but it was skin tone so I could fully test the pigmentation.

This picture was taken after wearing the shadow all day (6/7 hours). You can see the colours are still visible with only slight fading in the crease. I have hooded and oily lids so for the shadows to stay on this well is brilliant to me.

Now I don't have the Lorac palette that this is a dupe for but I do own the mega pro palette. I imagine the shadows are the same so I feel I can offer my thoughts on these products.

I love the Lorac shadows. They have a really soft, buttery feel and blend beautifully and especially with the mega palette you get some fabulous matte, shimmer and metallic shades. Below are a few I swatched, only using one swipe even with the light shades.

If I only had one eyeshadow set, this is the one I'd choose. Unfortunately it's sooo hard to get in the UK. I practically bankrupted myself online just to buy my own Lorac palette! Haha.

The lorac shadows tend not to have fallout and the one time it did I was using a rubbish brush that flicked product all over my face! Not a good look when I was using the dark teal shade! I looked like I'd gone a round or two with Mike Tyson! Haha.

Overall the Lorac palette is my winner in packaging (magnetic closure) and quality but the Make Up Revolution Iconic Pro is an amazing substitute and such a fabulous price point.

For those that can't or won't spend ├╝ber   amounts on make up and shadows (I'm a sucker for expensive things, much to my bank managers dismay haha) then Make Up Revolution is the brand for you. They offer such lovely products and are so cheap. 

If you're interested in this palette check out Make Up Revolution here and the great news is that the Iconic Pro palettes are only £6.99!!! Say what?? That's cheaper than a Burger King meal! Snap those bad boys up people!

What do you think of the super brand that is Make Up Revolution? Do you think it's a better than the more expensive options? Let me know what you think guys :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. The palette looks beautiful Rebecca | xx

    1. It's a really lovely collection of shadows and I can't fault the cost of Make Up Revolution products :) x

  2. No matter where I go I can't find make up revolution anywhere in stores:( Im starting to loose hope! This post just made me want it more, looks like I might just have to order off the website.

    I've tagged you in the versatile blogger award. You can find the post and read the rules on my last post! I can’t wait to know more about you :)

    R x

    1. I bought mine from the website. Not the greatest to navigate using mobile internet but you won't regret having a splurge.
      I love the different palettes and the £1 lippies are awesome :D

      Aww thanks Hun, I'll go check that out x


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