Saturday, 28 March 2015

Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

Hi guys,

I saw the new Disney Cinderella movie on Friday and it was amazing! It was my favourite animated film and the real life film just makes you think 'could this happen to me?'

I've always loved the story. Hello! The servant girl, falls for the handsome guy who happens to be a prince, add in magic, mice and transforming pumpkins with a pair of great shoes and this story is a hit!

But is it a story that can happen and if it does, why not to me then? Haha.

My daytime job when I'm not waffling on here, is looking after a disabled man. My posh title is Personal Assistant but I'm basically a carer. The guy smokes and has 4 rescue dogs so I'm hardly going to go to work in a faux fur coat and leather skinnies (FYI I don't own either) so my uniform, if you can call it that, is sweat pants and a polo. Glamorous I am not.

Sadly no gorgeous guy has whisked me off my feet whilst I do my clients shopping. At this point a guy who likes fat chicks would be something but no not even a 'feeder' has approached me to shake my gut at him (erm not that I would) and it makes you think. Do I put too much stock into this 'holding out for a hero' mentality?

I'm a cynical girl when it comes to 'love' after meeting one too many frogs, I even have a jumper from River Island that says 'love is for losers' sad I know. Yet even though I roll my eyes at PDA's, deep inside I long for the flush of new love, the anticipation of seeing that person and eagerly awaiting that text message asking how you are. *sigh*

I then thought about how I behave with the opposite sex. I can have a laugh with the guys and act the clown but if anyone tries to go past friendship, I shut down and basically send out a big 'back off' sign.

I'm not happy with me at the moment. Physically and mentally I'm not ready to give someone a chance to start anything romantic, so moaning about not finding Prince Charming is a pointless thing to do.

Then it hit me. I'm my own hero, I don't need a guy to rescue me and why should I put that pressure on him. Maybe one day I'll meet someone who can hold my hand during tough times and laugh during the good but right now? 

It's me, myself and I 

My point is, yes Cinderella was a nice story of a guy saving the day and making dreams come true but she found her own strength in the end!

'Have courage and be kind'

Sometimes you need to remember you control your own happiness. Make your own dream a reality and have the story you want.

My story is still being written, I'm barely past the first half and guys? By the end of my journey to healthy, I'll still be plotting my next move. My story has many more chapters and I'm learning as I go, that I'm the leading lady in my own life!

So I'm making it count!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Well said Bex, well Well bloody said! :D I am guilty of hoping for the fairytale too- but in the meantime I'm looking after myself and feeling pretty happy and optimistic :) Lexie X

    1. Woohoo go girl!
      Thanks for reading :) x

  2. Love this post! Why should us girls feel that we're 'waiting to be rescued'? Rescued from what exactly? Why should being with a guy be a better and happier option? What's wrong with being single independent and happy? Can we be single and happy?
    Ok, lots of questions there!
    You hit the nail right on the head, we are our own hero's! Why should being with or without a guy make us any more or less of a person? Our job does not define us, being in a relationship does not define us and being single does not define the person that you are.
    We're on a journey to improve ourselves because right now, you're right, we're not happy. We want to get slimmer and healthier and be happy in our own skin. Not something that is going to happen overnight but something that is going to happen this year!
    Listen to this... It's a great tune and sums us up!
    Love ya xx

    1. Preach!
      It's so hard to let go of this fairytale dream of a guy saving the day but it's ok to fight your own dragons. It's ok to enjoy life without societies ideals being pushed upon us!
      Fat or thin. Single or married. Gay or straight. Know your own worth as a person and grab life by the balls ;) x

  3. Great post! It's never a good idea to sit around and wait for things to happen, or wait for someone else to solve your problems. Like you said we all need to be our own fairy godmothers :-)

    1. Thank you!
      With most things in life we need to find our own strength! Plus not fair to put all this pressure on a Prince Charming. He's only a guy. Lol ;) x

  4. That's the second time this week I've heard "have courage & be kind"? Where is it from?

    I had someone wanted it on a custom bracelet and I'm now really curious.

    1. It's from the new Cinderella movie.
      Her mum tells her that whatever life throws at you 'have courage and be kind' I thought it appropriate for my post :)
      Oooh I bet the bracelet will look fab! :D x

  5. So in love with this post. Definitely need to be our own fairy Godmothers, we are in control of our happiness. We don't need men for that. They are just an added bonus.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Thank you!
      It's about finding your own strength. A guy is a nice bonus but why should he race in and rescue us? We can do that ourselves! x


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