Monday, 30 March 2015

Fairytale Make Up

Hey guys,

If you didn't get the hint from the title, today I'm chatting about the Mac Cinderella collection :)

This was my first ever purchase of Mac at the counter. I have a pro paint pot but that was bought online and it's my skin tone as I use for a base to help with the longevity of my shadows. The curse of oily/hooded lids!

Cute packaging with the blue to represent the magical dress and gold as a nod to the pumpkin carriage :)

I only bought two things from the collection plus some regular lip liners. I looked at the rest but wasn't spending a fortune just to get pretty packaging.

I give you the Stroke of Midnight shadow set £38.50 and the pinky lipstick Royal Ball £17

Both gorgeous! I'm not bothered that I paid extra for these. Quality closures on the products (I love the satisfying lil pop when I close them) and I loovvveeee the blue iridescent shine. Plus I'm a Disney lover so that pretty much had my hooked.

First time using Mac shadows and I can see why people love them. Lovely texture and blend well. I like how this palette (seems strange to call it that when it's so tiny) has different formulas to play with. From mattes and velvets to gorgeous frost shades :)

From what I've heard the only shade that's limited edition is the dark purple with glitter flecks which is the palettes name sake but fear not if you couldn't grab this set, as my Lorac palette has the same shade called indigo, so I imagine other brands will do a version of it ;)

The lipstick is a lovely peachy pink in a lustre finish. Like a tinted lip balm on its own and on top of a liner it's beautiful. I bought 'hip n happy' which is a fab pink and paired together they look great :)

I tried to capture the metallic frost finish on the shadows and the shine of the lippie but a photographer I am not! :(

So that's my little bit of magic. I love my purchases but I must admit that it's a neutral set of colours. Whilst perfect for everyday use and the pop of purple gives it that dramatic edge for vamping up a night time look, a a few more brights wouldn't have hurt.

Especially after watching the film and seeing the stepsisters bright make up looks. But I suppose this was geared more towards Cinders than the Uglies ;)

What do you think? Did you manage to grab a few pieces in the crazy dash for this collection?

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

Hi guys,

I saw the new Disney Cinderella movie on Friday and it was amazing! It was my favourite animated film and the real life film just makes you think 'could this happen to me?'

I've always loved the story. Hello! The servant girl, falls for the handsome guy who happens to be a prince, add in magic, mice and transforming pumpkins with a pair of great shoes and this story is a hit!

But is it a story that can happen and if it does, why not to me then? Haha.

My daytime job when I'm not waffling on here, is looking after a disabled man. My posh title is Personal Assistant but I'm basically a carer. The guy smokes and has 4 rescue dogs so I'm hardly going to go to work in a faux fur coat and leather skinnies (FYI I don't own either) so my uniform, if you can call it that, is sweat pants and a polo. Glamorous I am not.

Sadly no gorgeous guy has whisked me off my feet whilst I do my clients shopping. At this point a guy who likes fat chicks would be something but no not even a 'feeder' has approached me to shake my gut at him (erm not that I would) and it makes you think. Do I put too much stock into this 'holding out for a hero' mentality?

I'm a cynical girl when it comes to 'love' after meeting one too many frogs, I even have a jumper from River Island that says 'love is for losers' sad I know. Yet even though I roll my eyes at PDA's, deep inside I long for the flush of new love, the anticipation of seeing that person and eagerly awaiting that text message asking how you are. *sigh*

I then thought about how I behave with the opposite sex. I can have a laugh with the guys and act the clown but if anyone tries to go past friendship, I shut down and basically send out a big 'back off' sign.

I'm not happy with me at the moment. Physically and mentally I'm not ready to give someone a chance to start anything romantic, so moaning about not finding Prince Charming is a pointless thing to do.

Then it hit me. I'm my own hero, I don't need a guy to rescue me and why should I put that pressure on him. Maybe one day I'll meet someone who can hold my hand during tough times and laugh during the good but right now? 

It's me, myself and I 

My point is, yes Cinderella was a nice story of a guy saving the day and making dreams come true but she found her own strength in the end!

'Have courage and be kind'

Sometimes you need to remember you control your own happiness. Make your own dream a reality and have the story you want.

My story is still being written, I'm barely past the first half and guys? By the end of my journey to healthy, I'll still be plotting my next move. My story has many more chapters and I'm learning as I go, that I'm the leading lady in my own life!

So I'm making it count!

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 27 March 2015

Myleen Klass Bronzer

Hi peeps,

Today I wanted to share a bronzer I got by Myleen Klass. Those not familiar with her, she shot to fame when she won Popstars back in 2000 and became part of the band Here'say. Erm it didn't last long.

Now Myleen works on different TV shows, one being Loose Women and more noticeably models and designs her own range for the mail order company Littlewoods.

If you read my post on losing pounds and debt ( You'll know I'm slowly chipping away at my debt problem! Yey!

Part of that is with Littlewoods (why are shoes so pretty??) but the good news is that everytime you make a payment, you get a percentage back as 'rewards' to spend on anything. Obviously a sales gimmick to keep you shopping but who cares? I had money to spend! Haha.

I'll be honest I chose this because the packaging is cool!! Leopard print guys! The trashy diva in me loovvveeeesss this!! Like 'oh wow, it's totes amazeballs' hehe.

It's so pretty :) I love the design. I think it adds that jazzy something, that makes me happy inside.

From the swatch you can see its a lovely warm brown. This is literally a full swipe from top to bottom, grabbing all the colours together which look beautiful.

One thing I couldn't get to show in the pictures was that it has a shimmer to it. I used it more on my cheeks to add a warm sun kissed glow, rather than to bronze everywhere! I like a good shimmer as much as the next girl but not all over my face! This isn't Twilight people!! Haha.

Anyway I just thought I'd share this lil gem and for those interested it's only £6! Bargain for a cute product :)

Have a great week guys,

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Let's get physical!

Hi guys,

'Let me hear your body talk! Your body talk!'

Soo ignoring the cheesy 80's hit by Olivia Newton John (FYI totally singing into my hairbrush right now!) I'm talking about working out. Keep it clean people! Keep it clean!

Drum roll please! I would like to welcome you to my first ever fitness, fashion post!! Yey happy dance :D

For those familiar with my blog and as the blog title suggests, I'm on a weight loss endeavour. This girl is kicking fats butt and part of my healthier lifestyle is exercise! 

Yes the 'E' word. I'm currently walking my dogs twice a day at a brisk pace. I have 3 staffies, so the reality is, I can't not do a brisk pace! Lol. Plus I'm doing home exercises like squats, lunges, planks blah blah etc etc.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by who's online store sell clothing from printed tees, kids novelty tops, to fashion and fitness attire for both men and women.

On checking out the site I was impressed. They are so affordable and stock various brands and I was really excited to see American Apparel. This brand make really comfortable gear, especially for the fitness enthusiasts :D

(Trainers, weights and bottle are mine)

Now I have to be honest with you guys, I'm not ready to show the Internet world my lumps and bumps just yet. I'm too much woman to handle right now ;) 

Then I had an epiphany and rather than just write 'I wore a red top, it felt nice' I decided to get some additional pieces and my friend agreed to model for me! :)

The leggings and trainers are the models own (always wanted to write that!)
Please be gentle! Lot harder than I thought doing a clothing picture! Respect to fashion bloggers everywhere! 

How fabulous is that yellow top! I mean, you go for a run in the dark and no one will miss you! I was given a red one (slightly, ok a lot larger) and the material is brilliant. Super soft and sooo comfortable whilst working out. I want to live in mine!
These tops are from the Active Dry range so you know they are going to keep the air flowing whilst exercising, thus keeping you cool.

They start from £1.91 and come in a range of colours :)

Sports Bra by American Apparel. This was a great bra for strapping the girls down! Nice material that felt soft with a firm band and tight elastic to hold you in place whilst you're moving.
Nothing worse than jumping up and down and feeling like your boobs will fly away. Ouch.

Erm did I forget to mention that, these start from £10.78! Bargain for the quality you're getting. I've bought sports bras for waayyy more, that are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard!

I was also sent some sweat pants (see first picture above) which are a really lovely material, don't feel cheap and were perfect to workout in.
I'm not showing my fat arse and thunder thighs on here but nice, comfy pants that you don't have to sell a kidney for ;)

So that's my first clothing post over with. I hope you enjoyed reading this and have some motivation to get moving! You can look great without spending a fortune! 

Go check out the site is easy to use, has fast shipping and they even offer discount on multiple buys! 
What you waiting for? Go grab yourself some fabulous goodies :) 

(Picture from website)

Oh just so you know, now the weather is getting brighter, I'm soo ordering this top! I will rock this on my dog walks!

What do you think? ;)

Much Love,

Bex x

PS: All opinions are my own. My top, bra and sweat pants were provided by with the other stuff being bought by me and before anyone starts going on about 'freebies' I'd like to point out that writing, amateur photography and making sure I live up to my A in English Language, all take time! Not to mention I got off my lazy bum to give you lovely lot my honest opinion ;) you're welcome by the way *mwah*

Monday, 23 March 2015

Three Shades of Red

Hi guys,

Bit of a 'which do you like?' kind of post today.

I was getting ready to meet a friend and was deciding on what look to go for. Did I want a full on eye look with blending and shading with various shadows, did I want just a smudge of colour to add depth or should I go Hollywood glam with black liner? Choices choices.

I decided to go black liner and pair it with a bold red lip! The simplicity of the look, doesn't take away its dramatic appeal. There's something about rocking red that makes you feel bold, confident and ready to kick arse and take names.

Then I thought what shade to choose?? Do I go for the pink toned coral, the orange based shade or should I rock the letterbox full on red?!

Hence this post. I thought I'd show you the different variations of red I currently own, don't get too excited I only have 3 haha

Givenchy Le Rough in Rose Dressing

I've mentioned this numerous times in my Givenchy post ( This is the perfect coral red. It packs a punch without the harshness that a full on red can sometimes be. This particular brand has fabulous lippies. They feel amazing on and don't dry out your lips. Winner winner chicken dinner!
 *I'm shaking my own head*

Limecrime Velvetine in Suedeberry

I own a few Limecrime lipsticks which I love! This is the only velvetine I possess and it's meant to set matte to your lip and not shift. Not fully sold on this formula, I find it drying and the smell isn't nice for me. Vanilla eww! 
It does go matte but doesn't last as good for me as it seems to for other people. Then again I've not found any lip product that does.
Formula and smell aside this is the perfect orange red. It's super vibrant and paired with a Kiko lip pencil in the same colour it's awesome to look at! This colour takes daring to wear, as its very in your face but if it suits you, then rock on lovelies! :D

Kiko Smart lipstick in True Red

This is the most perfect true red I've ever found. No pink tones peeking through or orange vibes to deter from the full on red colour.
It's literally Postman Pat's van in a tube! Haha.
I also love the shape of the lipstick, it's rounded and is perfect for me personally. It goes on better than any lipstick I own. Most times I need to neaten up my lip line but this one doesn't need that.
The lipstick is creamy and feels nice on the lips. Not drying which is good as I suffer from dry lips and lasted a few hours before a touch up was needed.
I paired this with a No7 lip liner in a matching red shade.

(Lippie order Givenchy, Limecrime, Kiko)

I decided to use my Kiko lippie and not to blow my own trumpet but the black liner (on my eyelids, not lips!) with the bold lip looked fabulous! :D

Which is your favourite red? Any other brands I should try?

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Confessions Of A Fat Girl

Hi guys,

So I feel the need to bare my soul. I'm not catholic but regular confession is said to ease the mental anguish that sins create.

Ok, ok I'm being melodramatic but I do want to touch base on what's been going on in the world of Bex ;)

For those who don't read my blog (erm why the hell not?) I'm on a journey to healthy. Basically I have a lot of weight to lose and I'm documenting my goings on! Yes I waffle on about beauty stuff as well but I love it and if it keeps me focused then is that bad?

Anyway on to the point of this post (told you I waffle)! 

I was naughty last weekend! So wish emoji's work on blogger right now! *hides face*

Last Saturday was my brothers 21st and we went to TGI's! Now I did have a 'plan' to make better choices till we were seated and the greedy girl came out with a vengeance!

Chicken strips, shrimp bites, nachos, sweet potatoe fries and a house salad later (which would have been good without the ranch dressing smothering it) and my plan was pretty much history! 

But it's ok, this was a celebration so move on, get back on track and it'll be ok.

Then Sunday was Mother's Day and my brother's official birth date. The chocolates, the birthday cake! I was weak and used the 'celebration' excuse again.

On treating my mum to the cinema, I treated myself to a scoop of ice cream and a caramel latte. When I go off the rails, I go hard!

Sooo come Monday morning I felt like I was hungover. The abundance of sugar really hit hard and I had a headache all day.

On getting weighed on Tuesday to see the damage, I put on 1lb, so not as bad as I feared.

Since my weekend of naughtiness I've guzzled water like it's becoming extinct, attempted to walk further (hey I'm not perfect!) and added more veggies to my plate.

Slowly getting my head back in the game. The emotional place in my mind really wants more junk! But I'm slapping that bitch in the face!

So that's my confession peeps. I just wanted to share where I'm at. This journey isn't just about the good. The bad and the ugly will rear their annoying heads and test me.

Love this quote, I may have stumbled but I'm not stopping :)

Have a great week guys,

Much Love,

Bex x


Friday, 20 March 2015

Glossybox of Spring

Hi lovelies,

It's Glossybox time again. I know, I know, I have a problem. What can I say, I gave up chocolate to lose weight, so need my beauty boxes to fill the gap ;)

The theme this month is 'step into spring' which makes me happy. Brighter mornings, nicer weather, just lovely.

Got some nice little goodies this month. Plus I love that two brands I've been wanting to try were included! *happy dance*

Ok so I'm getting the blah out the way first.

Dove youthful shampoo and conditioner for ageing hair. 

I got these deluxe samples in the March You Beauty Box ( and I'm just not sure I'm ready to admit my hair might need the equivalent of anti wrinkle cream! 
So as the generous daughter that I am, I gave them to my mum. Not quite sure if that's a backhanded insult or not! Oops.

Naobay Moisturizing Peeling £13.71

This is a face scrub. An organic peeling milk with added scrub bits from the acai tree!
This stuff is said to brighten your face whilst removing dead skin cells and other yuckiness :D
Can not wait to try this! My skin is quite flaky at the moment (that sounds so attractive!) so hopefully this will help!
Love the packaging as well. The lid is made of wood and the opening was sealed which is fab from a hygienic stand. 
No perfume or chemical smells, it's got a clean, natural scent.
Oh did I mention that this is a Spanish eco-brand so it's a great one to buy! :D lets get scrubbing guys!

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara £3.30

This was a brand I've been dying to try and is so affordable! Literally just found an Essence stand in the Arndale Centre in Manchester. Unfortunately my brother was with me and wouldn't let me browse!! Soooo unfair!!
Anyway this is a cool tube. Looks like the sillohette of a woman with corset markings. Funky shaped brush as well and can we talk about the brilliant name! I'm sorry but anything princess in the title is fine by me! My inner 6 year old loves it ;p

Sleek Makeup Pout Paint £4.99

Another brand I've wanted to try. This is awesome and appropriately named as it was practically paint it was so thick!

As you can see I got a gorgeous pink shade. This is a very creamy formula and looks fabulous on :)
A little goes a looong way and it has a nice fruity smell.

ncLA Nail Lacquer £13

This colour is awesome! A gorgeous pastel pink which is so on trend right now and I love how this brand of polish is toxin free!
I can't wait to rock this colour :D

So that's my Glossybox for March. I like this months goodies. Some new brands to try and great news we got told that next month we get a Lord & Berry crayon lipstick in red! I love this brand, so happy, happy :)

Fancy your own box? Only £10 plus p&p. Give it a try here :)

What do you think of this months box? Anyone get different products?

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Hey how's it going guys?

The other day I was browsing online, minding my own business when a pop up of the Look Fantastic beauty box came flashing across my screen. Damn you Adsense memory thing!

So of course I had to click on and see what this box is all about! Couple of clicks later and I bought it (told you, addictive!) it's similar to the Latest In Beauty boxes in the sense it's not subscription. Unlike LIB you don't know what's inside. 

Nicely presented in a cute box all wrapped lovely :) and can I just say how fast I got mine delivered. Bought on Monday and in my hands by Wednesday! Thank you Mr Postman!

Some great new finds in this box! Although I didn't win the limited edition box which included GHD's *woe is me*

First thing that pops out is the Wet Brush £7.99. 
Said to work well detangling both dry and wet hair. Similar to a tangle teaser, it's a pain free brush that will rid you of knots and leave you with shiny locks. Did that rhyme? 
My mum is super head sore and she loves this brush! On me reading the blurb she was beyond sceptical and demanded to try it.
Two minutes later her hair was sleek and smooth and she didn't feel a thing. It's a strange feeling, like your brushing your hair with a baby brush but it looks like you've used a regular brush?
I don't know what magical unicorns invented this type of brush but I salute you! Simply brilliant!

Cowshed Lippy Cow lip balm £5 this is packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils of linden blossom, rose germanium and ylang ylang which all help protect, nourish and rejuvenate your lips.
Kinda reminds me of Carmex is the texture. But random to say but it doesn't have a taste whilst it's smells like flowers. Although it's probably a good thing. I imagine tasting rose isn't the best :p haha

Bliss Fatgirlslim body cream £10.40 dodgy title aside this is for firming and cellulite. See why the name doesn't apply! All sizes can get cellulite. Still testing it. Does leave my arms smoother but I have to tell you, the smell isn't great. Not sure on the firming but at my size it's going to take more than a lotion to firm me up (insert monkey emoji hiding face) 

Nuxe nuxellence detox £47 for full size! This was a deluxe sample of the night cream. My mum stole this off me!! Tut tut but I did get to try a bit first.
This is detoxifying and youth revealing anti-ageing cream. Nice clean smell and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. Erm not sure if it made me look younger but I got ID'd at Asda if that helps ;)

Lord & Berry eye liner £10 another black pencil for my extensive collection. This is actually a nice, creamy formula. Great for a smokey eye and lovely to use.
I'm glad I got to try this brand as I love the bronzer which was a sample in this months Birchbox ( )   :)

Finally the pièce de résistance. Nudestix Magnetic Colour Gift £24. This is an eyeshadow stick and I got the shade Gilt which is a gorgeous metallic gold. Guys this is amazing! The colour is fabulous, the texture is so soft and glides on the lid like butter (not that I put butter on my eyes but you get my point haha)

I took this after wearing it for the day. I have hooded/oily lids so product never lasts but this didn't budge on my lid! 
I love this stick, quite pricey when compared to other brands but I've not used one like this.

This box is only £15 with free postage! Well worth it just to get the shadow stick, let alone the rest of the box.

Want to try this box? Go have a little look
If you've tried it, let me know what you thought about it :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 16 March 2015

March Birchbox

Hello people,

It's Birchbox time again. I know loads of people blog about their own subscription boxes, so I imagine most are familiar with the products but I thought 'what the hell, I'll show mine too' ;)

This month I got the smaller box which is really cute! Plus I love the colourful design :) Here is a picture showing the size difference.

You can see it's has quite a bit chopped off but fear not my fellow beauty box lovers, you still get your goodies.

This month Birchbox joined up with Habitat to provide some lovely products. 

Serenity Dead Sea Bath Salts £9.50

These look good to use, especially as it's meant to be good for skin conditions. I know that salt water is great for my eczema so we shall see how it goes.

Philip Kingsley smooth cream £18

Yet another hair product from this brand. At this point I'm pretty sure this company is sponsoring subscription beauty boxes as its all I seem to get!
This is for before or after styling to keep locks sleek. Not my kind of product so I gave to a friend.

Catherine Malandrino style de Paris perfume £50

This was a lovely sample to try. It's got the fruity tones I love yet this has a stronger smell so I'd use more for a night out scent.

Lord & Berry Bronzer £19

This is a sample size but I love it! Formula is matte and I got the shade sienna. It's not as orange toned as the Benefit hoola. It's a lovely lighter brown shade which is perfect for adding that touch of colour to warm your face :)

Benefit Badgal mascara £17.50

How cute is this little sample! Then you open it and the wand is bloody huge! Pardon my language. Lol
It's a bristle brush which I'm not usually a fan of, as I said in a previous post on mascaras ( but this was actually nice, big brush aside. Gave my lashes some volume.
My only vice is whilst I like each Benefit mascara I've tried, I'm not sold on the price point (see what I did there? Haha) I think you can get other mascaras just as good, for a fraction of the cost.

Finally you get a chapter sample of a book and a tiny notebook which is a fab idea :)

Keep the notebook with you to jot down notes and it you're a blogger then it's great for if a post idea pops in your head midway though shopping or having a brew :)

Not sure on the book sample. I mean it's good for getting a taste of the authors writing style but I'd much prefer a short story that ends, then I can decide if I like the author and buy a full book.

So that's this months box. Not too bad, got to try some new products and I'm glad I got the bronzer so that's a winner :D

Birchbox is only £10 plus p&p, if you're interested then give it a go :) plus if you're a new customer, you can use code JUST4YOU to get free shipping!

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pink Parcel Goodies

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share my goodies from February's (yes I know it's March now!) pink parcel box :)

As with last months box ( you get a supply of monthly feminine products and the best part of all, some fabulous goodies!! Yey :D

This is my lil horde guys! Included this month were:

• Lemon scented bath bombs, don't really need to explain these. It's some bath bombs that smell like lemons! Haha. I crack myself up!

• Paw Paw lip/skin balm this looks great as it says helps with skin conditions like eczema. I suffer on my hands so excited to see how this works.

• Perfectil hair/nail/skin vitamin tablets, this is a sample pack. Good idea especially if you're in the market for this type of vitamin.

• Bandeze hair ties, I love this type of hair tie. Holds hair in place but doesn't damage it or leave kink marks! 

• O.P.I nail polish in Orange. Excited to try this as its a gorgeous shade and I've heard good things about the brand. I usually use Jessica which I buy from my beautician :)

• Teapigs chocolate tea, not sure how I feel about chocolate tea. Will slowly build myself up to try it! 

• Divine dark chocolate caramel, this tasted simply divine (ha see what I did there) 

As you can see you get some cracking products :)
This is by far my favourite subscription box. It's like a happy smile in the middle of a storm.

I think because this box is just to provide you with time of the month essentials with some feel good extras thrown in, it's better than the surprise beauty boxes as its not a 'try this new brand' or deluxe beauty samples only.

It's a fabulous box that makes you excited at a time when mostly you feel rubbish.

At only £9.99 per month (p&p inc) it's a brilliant price. Plus your first month is only £5.95 so even trying one month is well worth it :)

Want your own box? Check them out here

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Fat Dilemma

Hi guys,

I wanted to touch on something today. FAT. When did saying that word become this horrible insult that can cripple you with insecurity and give the speaker power over your emotions?

When did fat become an insult?

I've always been one of those people who can admit things about herself. Yes I'm fat, that doesn't make me stupid or a mean person. 

Fat is being bigger than your body is naturally meant to be. The dictionary definition: having a large amount of excess flesh. 

Not saying everyone should be a size 10 with a thigh gap. Let's be realistic. Just like it was stupid that Hitler wanted an aryan race, it's silly to think everyone fits into the same mould. Be that weight, size, height, hair colour, religion etc etc so on and so forth.

I've noticed that people treat this word like you're swearing. Why is stating the obvious so bad? Am I insulting someone if I see a blonde girl and say you have blonde hair? No I'd be telling the truth. So why do people get so intimidated to use the 'F' word?

I had to have a check up a few months back at the hospital. Long story short I had a lot of blood taken over an 8 week period.
On getting my results I was medically perfect. No diabetes, no high blood pressure, no cholesterol, thyroid functioning properly etc etc but I am obese.
When the doctor was explaining my results at the end he sort of stumbled and kept beating around the bush till I said 'I'm too fat and I need to lose weight right?'
You could see the relief that I had taken the lead on saying 'fat' and this is a professional man in the medical field. The one person who should state the facts even if my 'feelings' don't like it.

Another incident was in Top Shop. I saw a top that said 'somebody's duff' not being hip with what this means I asked the shop assistant who was serving my friend, she laughed and said it means 'designated, ugly, fat friend' then she looked at me.
You could literally see the colour drain off her face. I imagine she was thinking 'shit, I said that to a fat girl!' I just smiled and replied 'oh well, I can't get that, I'm not ugly' ;) 
I wasn't bothered she thought the top funny, I was more bothered that a company (it's not a top shop brand) thought it was an appropriate thing to put on a top.

Finally I was walking my 3 dogs the other day minding my own business when a group of young guys passed and called me 'fat' I just laughed and said 'duh, clearly you have 20/20 vision'. They seemed surprised I wasn't crying into my double chins. But why should I get upset when they weren't wrong?

My name is Bex, I'm 27, I have 3 dogs that I spoil, I look after a disabled man and help my parents with my brother who has severe autism. I have 4 brother, 2 nephews and 2 nieces with another baby on the way.
I love reading, watching films, make up and shoes! I even love fashion although I tend to stick with black for comfort reasons.
Oh and I'm FAT!

See I didn't collapse into a ball of lard, crying my heart out. I just told you facts about me. This girl is a work in progress. I'm not losing weight to fit societies ideal, I'm not doing it for a man. I'm doing this for me! I want to play with the kids without having a heart attack, I want to rock a little black dress at Christmas, I'd love to wear the shoes I have collecting dust! One day I will :)

Let's stop letting this word define us. Fat is what I am, not who I am and I imagine it's the same for other 'larger' people.

Keep on rocking people! Fuck the 'F' word! Haha

Much Love,

Bex x