Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vegetables, tears and tantrums

Hi guys,

Quick update, I'm on point still with the diet. Must admit I'm struggling getting the water down. I know it's needed and can really aid weight loss but the truth is, I'm so sick of peeing! Haha

Anyway last week was rubbish, work was hectic, my brother who's autistic wasn't sleeping so had a few disturbed nights plus my niece (my mum watches her a few days a week) has hit the terrible twos! Let me just say that her tantrums are epic, the girl has some powerful lungs! *ears still ringing!*

The main thing was me though. I was fed up eating the 'good' stuff whilst everyone was gorging on cakes, crisps and chocolate. What can I say the inner (and outer) fat girl was having major toddler moments! Tears were shed (I'm not proud) and I basically thought 'sod it'

I finally realised what my problem was. I HATE chopping veg and preparing meals! It's so bloody boring. At least with the 'junk' you either bang it in the microwave for 5 minutes or wait till the delivery guy knocks on your door.

Then I thought how lazy that way of thinking is. Have I got so complacent with convenience foods that I can't spend an extra 15 minutes chopping some veg? Knowing full well it's good for me, helps my body, satisfies my appetite and does taste nice with the right seasoning!

Another wake up call on this crazy journey I'm on. Your mind is the biggest hurdle in all aspects of life. Staying on track with food, giving extra with fitness, applying for that dream job. If you allow the doubts and fears to win then you'll never truely know what you're capable of!

Time to pull up my big girl pants and kick the negative thoughts in the balls ;)

On that note, I ended up defrosting some prawns, had a bag of chopped salad leaves, I added some tomatoes and cucumber with some sauce.

Took 5 minutes and was so tasty. Thus proving you can have a healthy meal in the same time you'd cook a ready meal :)

How do you deal with negative thoughts? Any tips to jazz up prepping and cooking?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Your prawn salad looks yummy! I agree that it's hard when you start to relapse to then get back on track again. Sounds like your getting back into it though :-)

    1. Thanks sweets :)

      I'm doing well. It's a learning curve this journey. I just need to stay focused.

      Salad was so good! :p

      Bex x

  2. That meal looks gorgeous! I can completely relate to not being able to drink enough water, I pee ALL the time it's such a pain! What I usually do is try and prepare as much food as I can on a Sunday, that way in the middle of the week I don't need to spend loads of time cutting up veg and preparing meals, I can just heat something up! It helps me stop reaching for a ready meal or a take away! Keep going, it will be worth it :)



    1. It was! So simple yet so tasty :p
      Ooh I've been thinking of having a prep day. Save time and on late days I can quickly whip a meal together.
      Thanks for the tip hun :) x


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