Monday, 23 February 2015

My Make Up Bag Staples

Hello gorgeous people,

Today I wanted to talk about make up bag must haves. You've heard of the staple wardrobe, now let's talk about the staple make up bag!

Gone are the days when a dab of spot cover, some translucent powder and a slick of clear mascara were my daily routine. Oh the innocence of youth ;)

Now I'm bombarded by serums and primers, highlight, contour and bronzing and don't even get me started on brows!

So I thought a great post would be to narrow down what I think is essential in a make up bag to create a basic look. 

How you jazz that up after is completely up to you, your comfort zone and your imagination. 

Like the dramatic smokey eye? Go for it. Like bright bold lips? Knock yourself out :)

So let's begin: 

To prime or not to prime

I only started priming my face in this last year. As I'm getting older (nearly 28!) I just want that lil extra help to smooth my skin and create a good base for whatever face product goes next.
Each primer has a selling point. For example the Laura Mercier Hydration primer will obviously hydrate your skin, the Benefit Porefessional helps reduce your pores to the cheaper MUA primer, that gives your skin a lovely soft, smooth feel.
Primers basically create a smooth canvas for your face products to sit on by smoothing lines, pores and in some cases discolouration.
Whether you choose to prime or not is completely up to you.

What face?

So many options nowadays. Liquid or mousse, BB or CC cream to mineral or powder based foundations.
When choosing your face product think of coverage. A BB cream is more of a light cover whereas you can get foundations that are full. Also do you want a wet base or a powder only. Just something to think about.
I use a matte BB cream for everyday wear and a full coverage foundation on nights out or special occasions.
Choose your ideal product and you can go from there.

To cover or to highlight?

To me a concealer is that, it conceals imperfections. Be that a spot or redness. In my case, dark under eyes! Bane of my life!
However I've noticed that a lot of people use a lighter shade to create the highlighted look under the eyes and on the t zone.
My personal preference with concealer is to hide dark colour and redness from the occasional breakout.
I get a shade to match my skin tone and voila my eyes look fresh and rested :D
Decide what you want, then choose your shade occordingly or do both. Play around and see what you like.

Set much.

Setting powders are a big thing. This is the final piece of the face game before you start carving out cheek bones or getting instant sun touched skin.
Ideally you want to look natural and not cakey. 
You can even get products that set your undereye only, so your concealer doesn't crease.
For the face its a choice of foundation powders which will add colour on top of the base product or you can use a translucent powder which isn't a colour, it just seals your chosen face product.
I use translucent daily to set my BB cream then use a mineral foundation in my skin tone on those days I want more coverage.

The brow game.

I'm new to brows as I have thick brows so it's only recently I've been filling in the fronts as its a little sparse there in places.
Boy was that a test of patience choosing my ideal product.
Pencils, pens, wax, powders to pomades! I was overwhelmed with the options and to be honest got a little scared I'd end up looking like a dude with a thick monobrow!
I finally narrowed my choice to a brow kit with a coloured wax and 2 powders. I also have a pencil for rush days.
Decide what you feel more comfortable with or what brow look you want then you're good to go designing ;)

Cheeky chops.

So I've always used blush. Having chubby cheeks I never wanted to emphasise them so a light dab of colour was all I did. 
On regular days I only use my blush to break up the BB cream.
However now I've been introduced to the world of contour, bronzing and highlight.
How do newbies navigate this idea of surgeon sculpted cheeks and sun kissed skin.
For me I use a matte bronzer like the Benefit hoola bronzer and work that just under my cheekbone and on my forehead then add my blush. I know it's not a 'contour' product but it works great.
I mostly highlight when I'm going out so not a regular for me.

As far as the eye can see ;)

Mascara. Every woman's (and man's) secret weapon.
A few swipes and your eyes will look wide open and visible. Lol. Nothing like seeing your lashes to make you feel happy.
Whether you choose volumizing, lengthening or curling, synthetic or bristle brush the choice is yours.
Start from the base of your lashes and wiggle up. I use 2 coats so I don't get clumpy lashes.

Give us a kiss :-*

Now the lips. Unless I'm going anywhere public, I use a lip balm as my lips are quite dry. I love the Carmex balms. Keep my lips nourished and supple (you never know when that's needed ;) Haha. 
I forgot to add that to my picture though! *face palm*

These are my basic everyday products I use. But to be cliché here, the world is your oyster or in this case make up products. Haha

Whether you want to rock a bold purple lip or stay cool with a neutral nude. The choice is endless.
You want to add some colour to the eyes? Then shade away.

Need that lovely shimmer on your cheeks? Then let's get dabbing. For highlight, I use the powder ones from my Make Up Revolution blush palette. Light frosty lilac, a few dabs along the top of my cheek and I'm done.

The point is once you get the main face done, the eyeshadows and funky lip colours are just added window dressing. They show your personality and individual style.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts or must haves :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Randomly found your blog and can’t express how I like it! It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! Means a lot to me :)
      Will go check out your blog x

  2. Dark eyes are the bane of my life too you should try Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow - its like a concealer/highlighter but it covers dark circles really well!

    Andrea x

    1. Ooh really? What's the consistency like? I'll check it out :)
      I've been using the LA girl pro concealer which is good. I'm always up for suggestions.

      Thanks :) x


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