Monday, 2 February 2015

My First Pink Parcel Box!

Hi lovelies,

I'm very excited about today's review/unboxing :)

I ordered a box from Pink Parcel after reading a few reviews. Now for those who have never heard of this company, let me share my wisdom. Lol

Pink Parcel is basically a box centred around your period (sorry lads, it's ladies only) you get a supply of whichever products you use, be it towels or tampons. Then the added bonus of some goodies :)

The premise of the brand is to make you feel happier at that time. With a selection of beauty, relaxing and food items they definately deliver.

Now like most women I suffer from the dreaded PMT. One minute I want to cry at loo roll adverts (the puppy gets me every time!) to contemplating murder (please note I'm not actually going to off someone!)

So when I received my box this month, I was pleasantly surprised and dare I say happy. I love getting prezzies delivered :)

It's very sleek packaging as you can see and don't worry it comes wrapped in a plain post bag so no one knows what's inside.

The box is set out in compartments with the 'for now' bag with your chosen product, that goes in your handbag, 'for later' which is more products for when needed and 'for bedtime' which were nighttime pads. Impressed so far? Then see what I got next!

How cool is that horde?? You get a discount voucher for Rumour and included in my goodies box, titled appropriately 'for me' were:

Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara in black. This retails for £10.99. Very nice mascara as well. My friend nabbed it off me and it really did make her lashes look huge! I was so impressed.

Binky London Lipstick in Pout. Retail price £2.95. Beautiful purple/pink with a shimmery look to it. Lovely texture and I really like the British design on the tube :)

Richard Ward Couture Hair Masque. Retail £23 for 125ml. My tub was 75ml so still a good size for an expensive treatment. Great way to care for your hair. I actually gave this to a friend who is a postie and its gave her hair some health and vitality back, as the weather has dried it loads!

Flamingo Candles Scent Melt £2. You put this on an oil burner with your candle underneath and as it melts, it lets off the scent. The flavour I got was vanilla and black pepper. Odd combination but it worked!

Balance Activ Feminine Wipes £2. Don't really need to explain these other than its a small pack that can fit in your bag. Great for this time of the month.

Lastly I got a pukka detox tea (around £1) and some Divine caramel chocolate £1 (this was delish) and it was perfect for when you're relaxing after a bubble bath :)

Overall this box was fabulous! It really does put a smile on your face :)

Out of all my subscriptions, this is my favourite by far! I would recommend to all women, especially those who like their beauty boxes. This offers some great extra goodies as well as the practical monthly supplies. 

They also offer a teen box which is aimed at the younger girls, so products are more age appropriate for the 11-15 year olds. I'd have loved this when I first started. 

To subscribe to Pink Parcel, it only costs £9.99 per month plus p&p. The good thing is at the moment your first box is £5.95 plus p&p! Bargain with all the extras you get :)

Go check them out!

Have you subscribed to Pink Parcel? What did you think? Let me know!

Much Love,

Bex x

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