Thursday, 5 February 2015

Make Up Revolution Haul

Hello peeps,

Today I share with you my thoughts on my haul from Make Up Revolution.

Make Up Revolution offer some amazing products at low prices! Can we say 'bargain!' :)

I wanted to order some stuff for ages but it wasn't till I saw they'd brought out a pro brush line, that I dived right in and ordered some goodies off the website. What can I say, I'm a brush horder! Haha.

Look at those pretties! Makes me feel happy inside :) 
Whilst the website isn't the greatest to use on a mobile device. I can't fault the sturdy packaging and fast dispatch. I had no breakage on my powder products as my stuff was swaddled in bubble wrap! Lol

So first thing I wanted was the Sugar and Spice blush palette £6. I chose this one as it's more pink based which is what I prefer :)

This is a beautiful palette. The colour payoff is fantastic and a little goes a long way. The blushes are blendable and I love the different shades of pink from a neutral pink shade to a full on barbie pink :)

You can see how pigmented the colours are and the top corner shade is a gorgeous frosty lilac which makes a lovely highlight :)
For the price you can't go wrong with this palette!

Next I got some lipsticks from the £1 range. Now I never thought such a cheap lippie would be any good. More like the ones from the cheap make up sets you got when you were a kid.

Boy was I wrong. The lipsticks are fabulous. From the light shimmery pink to the full on opaque purple (very vampy Halloween I thought) :)

I got 3 purple shades. Depraved an opaque lilac, Make Me Magnificent a shimmery purple and Make It Right a dark purple.

How gorgeous are these?! Now I'm on a purple trip at the moment so was very impressed with the colours and the payoff. Each shade was creamy and glides on smoothly. Didn't feel drying either.

Next were my 2 pinks. Both shimmery shades. The darker pink was Encore which looked beautiful on the lips. The pale pink was Cheer, nice but very light on.
Again very impressed with the quality of the lipsticks and at £1 each! You can't beat that :)

Next I got 2 foil shadows. These are quite cool as you get some eye primer liquid (like a mixing medium) and a little tray to blend the product, thus making your desired amount and let me tell you these look awesome on! 
I got black diamond and emerald goddess £4 each :)

The process is a little long winded but once on the eyelid. Omg! Literally like melted metal/foil and so pigmented. You don't even need a thick layer :D
I used a synthetic brush to apply, just take care as it can flake if you don't use enough of the liquid primer.

Finally I bought 4 of the new pro brushes. I've got mixed feelings about these to be honest. I got the powder face brush, contour, blending eye brush and an eyebrow one.

The blending eye brush £1.95 is lovely. Quite dense with a flaired end and the amount of shadow this brush holds is fab. Feels nice on the eye area and blends well. A nice brush at a great price.

The eyebrow brush £1.50. Good brush, does what it's meant to. Not too soft either. I got this as my eyebrow set only has a small brush and its pissing me off trying to use it! Haha. Again good brush for a cheap price.

The powdered face brush £3.75 actually disappointed me. It's flat, not round. So you have the broad side then the thin. I get the premise as you can reach the nitty gritty areas but I wanted a big round powder brush.
It's ok for bronzing your forehead but the bristles felt quite long and it seemed to flap all over my face. Overall I just didn't enjoy using this brush. I'll stick to my kabuki brush.

The contour brush £3. This was another let down for me. I felt like product went everywhere as the brush was far too soft. This could be my personal preference but I'd like a denser contour brush to really carve out the cheeks. You can always blend with another softer brush if you over do it. This just didn't work for me.

So whilst I'm 50/50 on the brushes, I think the price point is amazing. Really affordable and they look expensive, just something missing in the face ones for me. Have you tried the Make Up Revolution brushes? What did you think?

That's my lil haul complete. Do go and check out the make up from this brand. You won't be sorry :)

If you've got any recommendations or questions let me know in the comments below :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I have the same blush palette and I love it! Those purple lipsticks look so pigmented and good quality for the price x


    1. It's fab isn't it! :)
      The purples are gorgeous. The dark one is so opaque on. Now they do fade but then again I've got expensive lippie that fade quickly.
      I really struggle getting lipsticks to stay put!
      Love your blog by the way :)

      Bex x

  2. I've been looking for some cheap blending brushes you gem, thank you! I have to try out this collection, everyone has been raving about it. Might just have to grab those purple lipsticks too, lush!

    1. The blending brush is my new fav :D great for packing on transition shades.
      You defo need to check this brand out. Such good stuff and so cheap!
      The purple lippies are amazing!
      They have loads of different colours. At £1 I could have gone crazy. Lol

      Bex x


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