Thursday, 19 February 2015

Glossybox of Love!

Hello beauts,

It's Glossybox time! Haha.

Totally digging the design this month. Not too cheesy with it being V Day and it's everything Birchbox wasn't! Happy dance ;)

I love this box, it's subtle enough not to piss the inner cynic off but still lovey enough for the romantic :)
I'm also loving the wrapping on Glossybox. Nice paper with a cute bow, little touches like that make me smile.

Anyway on to the unboxing!! Lol

How awesome do these goodies look! :D

Included in my box this month were some fab full size products plus a mini pack of the love hearts sweets *cute*

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor £9.99

How cool to get a razor! No explanation needed, this one does come with a water activation serum bar above the blade so as you shave, your skin is getting lovely goodness like shea butter to hydrate your legs. 

got2be All star 10 in 1 styling £4

Use on damp hair and this stuff will leave you with thicker, stronger, smoother, shinier, frizz free, heat proof yada yada hair! Phew that's a list.
I don't use products like this. I always feel like I'm going to end up looking greasy plus I like to keep things low key with just my shampoo and conditioner.
I noticed that other boxes got eyebrow kits which would have been better. 

Royal Apothic Tinties $14 so about £9

This is a tinted lip butter with added oils. It's in beautiful packaging with a rose gold lid. It also smells like chocolate! Yum. Does give you a lovely lip colour. I got the shade Coral which is a coral colour. Duh ;) My only vice is that it's a tub whereas I prefer tube balms.

So Susan Rose quartet lip & cheek palette £8

Not sure on this one. Kinda takes me back to primary school when you got those kiddy make up sets only this one isn't from the pound shop! Lol
Nice bright colours though and I'd use them on my lips only as I'm not a fan of cream face products.

Marsk mineral eyeshadow £14.49

This is my second shadow from this brand. I got one in my glamour beauty box at Christmas (latest in beauty) and once again I'm impressed.
These are loose pigments. The colour payoff and shimmer on these is gorgeous.
This was a dark grey shade with the cheesiest name Fifty Shades *gag me* ha no pun intended! 
Anyway goes on great with a beautiful grey/blue shimmer.

Finally Glossybox included a little pack of love heart sweets, can we say 'aww' 

I'm thinking with the vibe of this box, Glossybox were preparing you to get lucky this valentines ;) smooth legs, beautiful hair, flushed cheeks and nourished lips! Throw in a shadow inspired by a raunchy (rubbish) book and you're set!

Alas I was doing a Bridget Jones minus wine and junk food though *sigh* 
I did take my fur babies out longer if that counts as a date? Haha

Anyway I'm rambling. Good box this month, some nice products and well worth the £10 :)
If you're interested in getting your own Glossybox then have a look

Did you get anything different this month?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I've never tried Glossybox before, I loved You Beauty Discovery Box for nearly a year but cancelled in the end as it wasn't as good as it was at the beginning. I'll definitely check this out though as looks good :)

    Rebecca Coco

    1. Oooh never heard of that one. It's a shame when the products get rubbish.
      The thing I like about this box and even Birchbox is you earn points each month which means money off! Yey ;) x


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