Thursday, 26 February 2015

Givenchy Counter Experience

Hi guys,

I wrote a previous post about the Givenchy box from Latest in Beauty.

If you read it, you'll note that I could get a sample of the Givenchy foundation and get your make up done for free! Happy days!

So off I went to the Trafford centre last week. Now I don't like others doing my make up, so I took my friend who wants to check out various high end brands.

The Givenchy counter was situated in the Debenhans store. The consultant was Beverly and she was lovely. Very friendly and immediately put my friend at ease.

To begin Beverly asked my friend some questions about skin type, dry spots and what coverage she wanted.
Once these were established, the time had come to choose foundation shades. Beverly played around with a few until we settled on a shade that wasn't too orange looking, as my friend likes to bronze.

After my friend cleaned her face, Beverly applied a moisturizer and serum and away with the face paint ;) ok ok foundation.

Anyway a good few products later and  the make up was done and it looked gorgeous! Lovely full coverage, nice bronze glow and a dark blue dramatic eye.
Bonus I even learnt how to use the quirky mascara! :D 
The highlight for her cheeks was beyond beautiful and the look was finished with a fab metallic brown lip :D

Overall very impressed with both Beverley's friendly and informative service and the quality of the products.
I myself have tested some products from the Givenchy box and loved them!

Incidentally the Le Rough collection lippie called Rose Dressing is my favourite right now. Such a beautiful coral red and the formula is amazing. I was actually talking to a lady about it whilst my friend was getting her face done and she told me she'd take it and thought I was staff. Lol. Always nice to know my passion comes across :D

Have you got any make up counter stories? I'd love to hear from you. If you're able to visit the Trafford Centre then check out Beverly at Givenchy and say hi from me ;)

Much Love,

Bex x 

Ps I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished make up look!! *face palm*

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