Monday, 9 February 2015

Eat the Rainbow

Hey guys,

Quick update. I'm still on point with my food, no sneaky lil treats creeping up on me! Thank you very much! Lol

I was thinking of posting a few recipes that I try, maybe a picture? What do you think?

Today's dinner was chicken stir fry with a shit load of veggies! :D delish. All I did was chop up the veg, cook them up in a big arse pan then added some fresh squeezed orange juice, soy sauce and some olive oil. I roasted the chicken then diced it up and added to my veg. Yummy :)

I love how colourful it looks :) hence the title 'eat the rainbow' not an excuse to eat skittles! Haha.

I've just bought a cookbook 'Thug Kitchen' I follow these on Facebook and there concept is 'eat like you give a f%#k' 

Please note if you're easily offended by swearing/cussing or general bad language you will not like their page or this book.

But I think it's brill and the page is fab. They turn simple foods into a delicious recipe without you getting panicked about ingredients or complicated instructions.

The book intro is hilarious :D get ready to turn into a motherf$%king chef ;)

Do you have any tasty recipes to share?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Dinner looks great & I love the look of thugs kitchen, will have to check out their Facebook page

    1. Thank you :) it was tasty.
      You defo need to check Thug Kitchen out. Cookbook looks fab, can't wait to get cooking :D x


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