Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tools to stay focused!

Hi guys,

Today I thought I'd share a few things I do or have that are helping me stay focused. 
I know it's been less than a week since I started but I feel these are good for keeping accountable :)

The first thing is a calendar with square dates (not the line ones)

As you can see on each day I've wrote how on point I've been. I saw this on a you tube channel I follow (truelyjess) and it's really helpful.
I state if my water intake was reached (H20) the smiley face is my food and the swirl and the star are exercise. I only jot down what was reached/completed.

The next thing I have is this:

Yes Art from monsters university is guarding my weight loss jars. Lol
So I think I saw these on Pinterest. Basically get 2 jars and decorate however you please. Mine say 'pounds to go' and 'pounds lost' then fill with glass pebbles or any small item you want to use as your 'lb'
Each pebble will represent 1lb so as I drop weight, I can move the pebbles over. 
This is a great visual as I continue to shed the fat :) nothing like seeing the 'to go' side shrinking, as the 'lost' side grows! :D

I also have a notebook. Kinda like a diet diary that has my before pictures (yikes) and my reasons for wanting to change my lifestyle. I include quotes that inspire me and pictures of clothes and shoes I'd like to wear.
I recently added an incentive to my notebook. Now on previous weight loss attemps I would 'reward' myself with a bar of chocolate after each weigh day (why??  I ask myself) but I wanted to get away from the food aspect. 
So I've wrote down products I'd like that are more pricey than general high street stuff. For each stone I lose, I can purchase something from my list. Things like make up from Mac, Nars or illamasqua to new clothes or shoes as I get smaller!
I want to change the way I view food (it's for fuel, not entertainment) and embrace this lifestyle change. Now I know it's early days and I'm not expecting to be perfect but I'm in for the long haul peeps and I will get there! No matter how long or how many bumps a long the way. These are just a few things to help me along :) I hope you enjoyed reading this and it gives you some ideas.

Much Love,


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