Monday, 12 January 2015

My First Glossy Box!

Hi guys,

Exciting times at the house of Bex. Welcome to not only my first review of Glossy Box but my first ever Glossy Box! :D

Glossy Box (GB) is a monthly subscription service that delivers difference beauty products for you to try.

On arriving home from work on Monday, I found the beautiful black box advertising my glossy box waiting for me. Always nice to get parcels. Even when I know what it is, I'm like a child at Christmas! The sense of excitement, the tingles in your tummy and the anticipation of opening your 'present'! Yes even when I pay, they're all presents to me :) 

So let's talk appearance. On opening my parcel I was met with my beautiful pink box with the black title and GB logo.

I was pleasantly surprised by the suble, girly yet classy feel of the box. Bonus I can find multiple uses for this, such as gift boxes etc. Does that make me cheap? ;p

On opening my box I was excited to see how beautifully wrapped it was with the lovely pale pink paper, the GB logo sticker and a black bow. Very cute :)

With bated breath I opened my parcel. Look how pretty it was with full size products, which is always good. Plus a coupon for £25 off Hello Fresh which is a food delivery service, not something I'd use, due the size of my household as it's quite pricey! :o

I was happy with my items and it gives me a chance to try new products and brands. I decided to wait before I rushed to review my box on sight alone. I wanted to try each item and share my opinion on them with you :)

1. Kueshi Revitalising Face Toner RRP €10.70 for 200ml
On first sight I liked this toner just for the pink colour alone, what can I say, I'm girly lol.
The smell is lovely, not surprising with it containing chamomile, aloe vera and calendula to help calm and rehydrate.
On using the toner I liked how it felt on my skin. Soaked in nicely with no residue. Also didn't leave my skin feeling tight. In fact my skin looked brighter after the first try. 
So first impressions were good. Nice toner which does what it says. My skin felt hydrated and bright :)

2. Nicka K New York Colorluxe Blush RRP €8.95 for 5g
This is a loose powder blush in a gorgeous burnt pink shade called Romantic.
As blushes go this is nice. Blends well and it's a colour that will suit most skintones. 
I'm not a fan of loose blushes and I wasn't wowed by this one but it does give you a lovely pink glow.
On a side note, use a slight hand as it's quite pigmented so on first try I looked more clown than healthy glow :/ haha

3. MeMeMe Eye Line Pencil RRP £4
This liner was in the shade clay which is a darkish brown.
Glides on great with no tugging on the skin and smudges well. 
This is a very pigmented liner. I only needed one swipe under the eye to get the colour to show. I've got a few browns that need more swipes to get a decent colour payoff.
I like this liner, looks good and works well. For the price I'd definately recommend.

4. Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow RRP £10 for 15g
I'm only recently getting into highlights. Having chubby cheeks I always thought I'd look stupid but I've realised that every cheek deserves a lil shimmer ;)
This one is a gorgeous gold shade. It's a cream highlight and looks fabulous on.
Again a little goes a long way, then just blend blend blend :)
I liked this highlight, not sure I'd rush out to buy it but it was good to try.

5. Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits RRP €5
Last but not least was this lip balm. Omg I'm in love! 
As the name suggests it smells of fruit and is so yummy!
I get very dry lips, especially in winter so I'm a lip balm addict. I don't like the waxy type balms and my 'go to' balm is the carmex brand.
This one is lush! It moisturised my lips well and as it's not wax based it didn't leave a horrible layer on the lips.
It's colourless so leaves you with a nice sheen.
I would highly recommend this lip balm. I did try to look on the website but I couldn't get access from the UK :( 
Hopefully this will change because I'm a fan of this balm :D

So overall I enjoyed my first Glossy Box. Some nice products to use and new brands to check out further. I think for the price you pay its worth it. If you're interested in subscribing to Glossy Box it's only £10 per month plus postage. Go on, check them out :)

Thanks for reading and any questions then leave a comment :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I got the exact same products in my box this month and I love them! The eyeliner is perfect and the blush, I just do one light dab on each cheek and blend out and it's super pretty! Impressed! Xxx

    1. Yeah I learnt the hard way to use only a small amount of blush! Lol. It was a good box, nice mix of products :) x

  2. I got the same products too, I think this was a great box and I can't wait to see if the next one is just as god.

    Corinne x

    1. Yes it was a good box for my first one :) excited to see what next month will bring!
      Love your blog by the way :) x


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