Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lash talk about eyes ;)

Hi guys,

How we all doing? :)

Ok so cheesy title aside, today's post is about the mascaras I've been using from drug store to the more high end.

I was minding my own business the other day, putting my face on and was stoked at how nice my mascara went on. You know when you just get the perfect lash day. No clumping, smudging or eye pokes (I'm impatient, sue me! Haha) 

Anyway my perfect lash day made me think, why not do a post on my mascaras etc etc so here it is! :D

The four I'm talking about are from Urban Decay, Benefit, No7 and Collection Cosmetics.

Urban Decay Perversion £17

So I got this mascara as a Christmas gift from my sister in law (thank you!) 
Advertised as a really intense blacker than black mascara with the added bonus of carrying an iconic brand name.
I admit that I was drawn in more because urban decay made this, than if it was extremely black.
First impressions weren't the amazing, omg I love this mascara, that I thought I'd have *sigh*
Yes it's very black which is what I do like about it but I found the product too watery for my tastes and its a bristle brush which isn't my favourite to use but that's personal preference.
I usually use this on top of another mascara with a better wand and consistency. This just adds a bolder colour.
In this case I think I was more taken in by the hype of this mascara rather than the actual product. 
It actually reminds me of Dior blackout which alas I did like better. 

Benefit they're real £19.50

I got this in a Christmas set that was reduced in the sale. I was buying the porefessional primer when the assistant recommended the box which had the primer, mascara, hoola bronzer and lip tint for less that £30! Sold! I love a bargain ;)
This mascara did have a synthetic brush although it's a little too fat in my opinion. 
Nice mascara, separated and coated my lashes well but it didn't wow me. At nearly £20 I want fireworks and a hot guy serenading me. Ok maybe that's overkill (or a great fantasy :p) but you get my point.
Benefit has a large following of loyal customers and I do like and use other products they have but this is another example of brand name hype.
Yes it's a nice mascara but it's nothing special to me. Just another tube in my make up bag.

Collection Cosmetics £3.99

Which brings me nicely to this little beauty! 
I got this mascara in the latest in beauty glamour box (incidentally this box is on sale at the moment and is fabulous!) and its not a brand I would normally gravitate towards. 
More teenager than a woman nearly hitting 30! Ok in 2 years but it's getting close damn it!! ;'(
However I'm glad I've tried it. The one I have is the lengthening mascara. It has a synthetic wand which is a nice size (not too fat lol) and its a great consistency. It separates and actually lengthens my lashes beautifully. 
From the first use I was hooked. On more dramatic days I'll add the perversion on top to darken but this mascara is my initial base to perfect my lashes.
Plus at this price, you can't go wrong :)

Boots No7 £11.50

Last is my No7 mascara advertised as giving exceptional definition. This is my all time favourite mascara! The only reason I'm not using it right now is because it's run out and I'm too lazy to get more yet. Ha.
Again it's a synthetic brush but this has a twist. One side has short bristles, they seperate the lashes and get rid of clumps and the other side has longer, curved bristles, that add volume and more colour.
This is a great mascara. Fab wand and lovely consistency. Bonus is the fact it's nutrient enriched which is good for your lashes.

I tried to give a closer look at each wand. Please don't judge my photography. I'm not much good at taking pictures! *hides head in shame*

Have you used any of these? Any thoughts or favourites? Let me know :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Really good post! Also try out the Maybelline rocket express mascara! That is soo good! Xxx


    1. Thanks sweets :) that means a lot.
      Oooh I'll have to check that out. Maybelline do have some nice ones. I used to use the great lash one years ago which was nice and had a lovely little brush :) thanks for the recommendation :) x

  2. I LOVE Gosh Boombastic Mascara, although if you don't like lots of product on a wand, this may not be the mascara for you. I also really like the new Benefit one, Rollerlash and use it on its on during the week for work and then for nights out, I layer the L'oreal Manga one on top for a really bold and spidery lash look. Yes, I'm one of those who loves the spideys!! I used to also love Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold before I found the Gosh one.

    Have you checked out Cosmo's 100 Mascaras on one eye? Check it out, you may find your best mascara yet! That's how I found the Gosh one :)


    1. I'm so trying that GOSH one. Thanks sweets. That link was cool. Good to see different mascaras. Eek I'm excited to go shopping now! x


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