Sunday, 25 January 2015

I nearly died!

Hi guys,

Random and slightly dramatic title as I didn't actually die but I will share my recent embarrassing moment! 

As my blog name suggests, I'm on a weightloss journey and part of that is getting off my 'fat' arse and moving. I have 3 canine fur babies and I'm walking them 2-3 times a day depending on work load.

The other day the UK was hit by snow! I hate snow and there was loads! Ok that's an exaggeration but still there was a bit of snow ;) haha

Anyway this snow melted then froze causing black ice spots everywhere. I was out with my pooches and was in the last bit of my walk when it happened!

I slipped on the ice!!! Now if that humiliation wasn't enough, I hurt my ankle, braced all my 'sizeable' weight on one wrist (ouch) and hurt my nail :(

My dogs thought this was a game and processed to bounce all over me which didn't help in getting up!

The next part is where I wish I could transport myself far away! I was struggling to get up off the ice and did this weird crawl thing and ended up with my bum up in the air and then I heard 'do you need some help?'

Omg beam me up Scotty! I was mortified and even though part of me wanted to be sarky and say 'no I love doing the downwards dog in public' I timidly told them 'I'm fine'

I did eventually get up and hobbled the last few yards home but this will forever be remembered as 'the incident' haha

On a more positive note I walked further in the same amount of time!! Great none scale victory for me :D  *happy dance*

I do think I tired my dogs out though! :p

Thanks for reading guys and if you want to share any funny moments I'd love to have a giggle :)

Much Love,

Bex x

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