Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2015 peeps :)

I'm currently chilling with one of my dogs (I have 3) Now I'm not hungover as I stayed in and celebrated with family last night but I was still up way into the morning (you tube is my weakness right now. Lol)

So today is my planning day, how random am I? Lol. Any who I'm going to enjoy the new year festivities with my family and eat the last of my chocolate (seriously I'm down to a wispa and 2 ferrero rocher!) then on Friday it's game on! 

Omg starting on a Friday! Haha. But I'm ready. I'm going to make small changes each week. That way I'm creating new habits and not totally overwhelming myself.

So first I'm going to try and drink more water as I'm sadly lacking in this department. Not only does good old h20 help your body function but it also helps your skin and as tesco says 'every little helps' lol

Here's to a healthier 2015!

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