Saturday, 17 January 2015

Back to Basics

Hi guys,

Hope you're all well :)

In this last week, I tried an eye cream and a new moisturiser to see if I find my new favourite.

Now I have very sensitive, doesn't know what it likes, skin. I even get hives from the water when I shower :/ *sigh*

But I wanted to experiment with other products and brands and maybe find some new stuff.

I got some of the eye cream from Benefit which is meant to reduce the dark circles and fine lines. I have the worst dark under eyes! I think because I wear glasses it stops any light hitting that area and thus means I look like a panda! Haha

However after my first use, the bottom of my eye 'bag' started itching. It then grew till my whole eye area was itchy and red with small raised hives :( 

Now this is not a reflection on the product being 'bad' it's just my reaction to using it. This just shows how bloody sensitive my skin is!

Then, as if having a gammy eye wasn't enough. I tried a new moisturiser which was too heavy/oily for my skin type and has caused major breakout!

So here's me, red eyed with the pimply face of a pubescent teenager and I can't wear make up! My skin needs to breath and repair itself (woe is me :o)

I've decided to stick with my regular products. I use a Clean & Clear daily face scrub, a Simple toner from the kind to skin range and Nivea lotion (this is a good eye make up remover as well) I'll see how I get on, when I go back to my basic skin care regime/products.
Bonus of this is there're dirt cheap especially if you go to shops like bodycare :) think for these three products, it cost less than £6.

Do you have sensitive skin? Any favourite brands or products? Let me know :)

Much Love,

Bex x

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