Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Fashion Forward with Luxemme

Hello lovelies,

Feels good to be back! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I'm very pleased to share with you a new fashion boutique Luxemme, where Manchester cool meets Paris chic.
                                     happy new year with luxemme

A few months back Luxemme got in touch about featuring an outfit on here and at first I was 'erm I'm too fat for your stuff' but after browsing the site I just had to share this brand even if my arse is too big to fit.

So enter my lovely friend Ashleigh to save the day and show off her hot bod ;)
                                              arleta pose outdoors

Ashleigh is wearing the very hip *Arleta crepe two piece. A shorts and crop top ensemble with black lace detail. The camel colour is very on trend and the material has a slight stretch so it isn't uncomfortable which is great when you're dancing the night away :D
                                    fashion forward with luxemme

Very flattering outfit. The high waist shorts have a pleat detail to add shape and the lace trim shows hints of midriff to tease the eyes. This is a lovely outfit for the fashion forward woman.

I thought the selection on Luxemme was gorgeous and whilst it's a shame they don't offer larger sizes, I think with the style of clothing they offer, you'll rock any New Years party or birthday bash!

Want to have a look? Check out www.luxemme.com and prepare to flash the cash!

Much Love,

Bex x

* this post features a gifted item. This doesn't hinder my opinion and all views are my own.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Quick hello and update!

Hey guys,

It's been ages!! I'm sorry to say I've lost my blogging mojo. I don't know if it's my lack of willpower around chocolate or the fact I'm so busy right now I don't know if I'm up or down but I've just not had that sparkle to type.

So I've decided to take a break from bubblybex3 till after Christmas when I have more time to devote to it and I'm back into the swing of things with my diet.

2015 has been a crazy year with ups and downs, good points and bad. I feel like I've not truly shown what I'm capable of and that makes me sad, mad and ready to kick arse!!!

I'll be back to documenting my weight loss journey and sharing my beauty loves very soon. Oh and quick heads up, I'll be starting my own you tube channel after Christmas as well! :D

My blog turns one on the 31st December so I thought why not post my first video to celebrate! :)

I hope you stick with me whilst I battle this crazy time and find my voice again. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and the best new year!! 

2016? I'm ready for you!!

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 20 November 2015

Let's get electric!

Hey guys,

I know it's Autumn, it's the season for warm brown smokey eyes and deep plummy lips but my friends I'm going to share a palette with you that I'm absolutely loving regardless of seasonal colours.

Grab your sunglasses coz it's about to get bright. Neon bright ;)
Cue the fireworks and confetti. I give you the urban decay electric palette! :D

It's so bloody gorgeous! It's bright, it's funky, it's cool and many other adjective words to describe how awesome this set is.

The shadows feel very smooth and velvety. They do blend well, some fallout but just take your time adding more when using. A bright purple eye looks better when it's blended ;)

It's comes with a double ended brush to blend and smudge away. I love that it's got purple bristles :)

Nice chunky shadow brush to pack on pigment. Not the greatest to blend though.

I love the smaller detailed end. Great to add colour to the inner eye or lower lash line :)

Now I know it looks intimidating with it being so in your face but you can use these shadows to add pops of colour to an eye look. Try a navy blue eye with the bright gonzo in the middle or the bright green freak in the inner eye with darker greens and browns to tone it down. You could even make your own eye liners :D

Urban decay made a cracking palette that is electrifying with its pigmentation and quality. Oh and the packaging design doesn't disappoint either ;)

So this palette may have been out a while but it's new to me and I couldn't resist waxing lyrical about its neon awesomeness ;p 

What do you think? Have you got this beauty? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Milani Goodies from Beautycrowd!

Hey lovelies,

Today's post is a one brand wonder brought to you by the awesome guys at Beautycrowd. For those not aware of this store (have you been living under a rock?!) they stock some of those cool American brands you want to try as well as other countries including some great British beauties.

The brand of choice today is Milani. Can we get a whoop whoop. No? Just me then.... ;)

I got a good mixture of bits to try and on the whole was very happy with the quality of this brand.

First up this stunning Rose Powder Blush in the shade 05 Coral Cove which has a stunning embossed rose design. 
It's pretty, the colour payoff is great and it blends like a dream. Want a new blush?! Buy one of these babies! You won't regret it.

Next up is this baked eyeshadow set called Runway Eyes in 03 Couture In Purples and it has six shades in various, well purple tones. Lol.
This was a bit of a flop for me. People wax lyrical about the pigmentation of baked makeup but I never have any luck and this was no different. 
Struggled to get the colours to show, wet or dry and the narrow design of the shadows made it fiddly when loading my brush.

I got this single shadow in 01 bella Ivory which is a satin matte and its a lovely texture and blends well
The perfect skin shade for me which I used to set my primer and help to blend out darker colours. 

I got an anti-feathering lipliner which is invisible, it was ok. I mainly use as a primer when wearing liquid lipsticks as I've yet to find a liner clear or otherwise that can stop my granny lips from bleeding. Such is life.

Speaking of lips I got this fabulous matte lipstick in the shade 71 Matte Flirty

A true winter berry shade, lasts well and the pigmentation is on point! Definitely recommend if you're after a good matte lippie :D

Finally the best of the bunch. It may be baked but this beauty packs a punch (finally a baked shadow that does!) and its in the shade 01 Lily White! 

Guys my shitty photography cannot express how truly gorgeous this shade is. It's the perfect highlight for your inner eyes or brow.
It's pigmented with some glitter but have no fear, you're not going to sparkle like a Christmas tree, it'll just add that perfect amount of glow to any look and make your eyes pop! 

So that's my bits and pieces from Milani at Beautycrowd. I got a good mixture with some good, some bad and some bloody awesome! :D

Have you tried Milani? What do you think of my goodies?

Much Love,

Bex x

PS: Because I'm a shitty blogger who left this post to the last minute, when I was adding links to the products I bought I've realised most were out of stock! #FML but you can always check other places who stock the brand if you see something you want to try :)

*Whilst I did pay for these items myself, I did get a slight discount as I'm part of the beautycrowdpro bloggers group. As always all opinions are my own*

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Kat Von D Edit

Hello beauts,

Today I'm sharing my new Kat Von D goodies. I bought these from Sephora a month or so ago but I've been shite at posting, so here it is. Lol

I bought the Innerstellar palette which was a pricy one and I'm a bit blah about it. Don't get me wrong the colours are beautiful but I found some of the shadows powdery and I had loads of fallout with the shade next to the light purple.

Really is pretty, I just prefer my smoky palette. However I still wanted to share as you may love it :)

I decided to bite the bullet and bought a liquid lipstick. My lips usually don't play well with this formula and end up resembling a dried up old prune but I wanted to try a KVD one.

I decided on Lovesick which is a pinky mauve and I made sure to prep my lips. I actually like this brand for the liquid lippies. It wasn't as drying as others I've tried. So bonus! Lol. Just need to perfect my application now *sigh*

Finally the pièce de résistance is the KVD Mi Vida Loca lipstick set! What a beauty! Featuring a full size limited edition shade plus 7 mini's which include 2 new shades. This set is fabulous for those who want to try KVD studded lipsticks and experiment with different colours. 

Noble - a cute peach nude
Coven - lovely lavender/lilac
Halo - new - awesome orange with a slight metallic tint

Wolvesmouth - gorgeous burgundy with a frosty, metallic tint
Sexer - pretty neon, hot pink
Bachelorette - fabulous red toned pink

NaYeon - new - epic black with silver glitter! 
Gold Blooded - new limited edition festive red with gold glitter 
Lovesick - this is the swatch for the liquid lipstick. I added him at the end as he felt left out with all the lipsticks getting to pose ;) lol

Some shades did vary with pigmentation but I was able to build it up.

So that's my KVD bits and pieces. Whilst I'm on the fence about her shadows, I do think her lip products are beautiful. Oh and I do love her packaging!

What did you think? Have you tried any KVD?

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 6 November 2015

Life and all its glory

Hello strangers,

How we all doing? I've missed blogging lately. I can't even say it's bloggers block as I have a ton of beauty shiz to share with you and pictures galore to edit and when I say edit, I basically just crop it down. I have no clue on how to make them look better with lighting or fancy stuff. So yay go me *rolls eyes*

I think the main thing that's got me feeling a bit blah is that my diet has taken a bit of a detour and I feel embarrassed to admit that on here which is silly as this is my place to talk about well me. Haha

I'm not totally falling off the reservation but I've not been 100% and it's safe to assume that it's not going to improve as the season to be jolly will soon be upon us. That probably sounds ridiculous but I'm just being honest.

Whilst I'm still not comfortable with my weight and I really should focus on that rather than food, I want to find the zone again and I feel that taking a step back with help me in the long run.

BUT and I stress that but, I will be back on track before you know it. I'm even thinking of doing a weekly you tube video to show my progress but that's just a thought at this moment in time.

Anyway I hope you stick with me and I'll talk to you soon.

Much Love,

Bex x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Trying Makeup Geek

Hi lovelies,

After talking to the lovely Sarah from sarahinwonderland about wanting to try makeup geek but not sure on international shipping and uk customs (I thought I'd get charged a fortune) I decided to just go for it!

For my first order I just got a few bits and pieces, to try them out and also see what delivery/customs is like. I'm pleased to say it was fine. I was panicking for no reason. 

Ta-Dar! Fabulous packaging and fast service. Makeup geek were impressive. For those not familiar with this brand the shadows come in pans do you will need a z-palette to store them.

I bought six regular shades in a mixture of matte, shimmer and sparkle. I only bought one foiled shadow as I have hooded lids so I wanted to see how they work before I go crazy for metallic.

Lastly I bought a pencil brush which is so tiny and just perfect! The pointed tip makes smudging under the eye a breeze and it's small enough to get some detail work in on the lid. Love it. 

So the shadows. Soft texture and I only had fall out with the darker shades, I'm a shadow beast so that could be me being too heavy handed. Lol

On to swatches!

How pretty? As you can see I have some transition shades plus some darker lid or crease shades. The pigmentation is just what I expected after so many rave reviews and videos.

Top row:

Peach smoothie: a matte peach which is a fabulous transition shade and the colour can be built up. I'm in love with this colour. Compared to other peach shadows this one can be seen on the lid.

Crème brûlée: a matte pale brown. Another great transition shade which can also be built up.

Barcelona beach: matte mauve type ashy grey shade. This is great to build up the transition shade and for paler people or those with cooler undertones (pink) this works as a good contour shade. 

Bottom row:

Caitlin Rose: foil shadow in a beautiful cool purple. This looks awesome on but I did have transfer with my lids again. I'm playing around with primers and application as I do dig this colour. Best part about buying this shade, is that Marlena (mug creator) donates to the Caitlin Rose foundation for every purchase of this foil beauty.

Bitten: matte burgundy. Beautiful outer corner/crease shade. This is perfect to darken a smokey eye if you don't want to keep using browns. It's a firm favourite of mine.

Razzleberry: this colour is amazing! Bright red with gold glitter. It's fun, edgy and perfect for Christmas. Love it! 

Last dance: shimmer shade in a red wine colour with flecks of red. Great colour. I found I needed a base to stop transfer from my stupid hooded lids. Cry me a river lol

So that's my mini makeup geek haul. I did get charged customs but it wasn't too bad and I will be definitely be buying more of these babies and the brushes, plus the new duo chromes look awesome! :D

I love this personal touch. So cute. Want to try mug, go check them out here www.makeupgeek.com

What do you think of my purchases? Good colour choices? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pink Parcel is back!

Hello peeps,

As you can tell I've started my period. Haha. At 28 I hope so, no I've restarted my Pink Parcel box again. I cancelled my box before as due to being erm fat, my periods stopped (kinda scary on a reproductive standpoint but fantastic in a 'I don't have to worry about aunt flow visiting' lol) 

Anyway Pink Parcel are a monthly subscription for your monthly. Full of everything you'll need for that time and some treats to make you smile because let's be honest it's not called monster week for nothing!

With a choice of tampons and pads from leading brands like Always, Bodyform and Tampax you're sure to find what you're looking for with the added bonus of choosing the ones that suit your flow. 

Since my last box, pink parcel have had a make over. Still full to the brim but now you get extras like a feminine hygiene product each month as well as your beauty and food treats. Winner.

Look at those goodies! Excuse the glare/blur my camera decided to be difficult and I didn't notice till editing the size *woe is me*

So this months PH (personal hygiene) product is a full size Sass intimate purifying cleanser to keep you feeling fresh in your nether region. 

The cool pink pot of gooey goodness is the bubble t bath/body jelly. This stuff smells awesome and looks like jelly (no Bex you can't eat it) ;)
Very fun item and will certainly make you smile through period pains and crazy hormones.

This months beauty bits were nice. A pack of halo eye make up remover wipes. Already a fan of this brand (I have the face wipes in my bag because you just never know when you'll need them) and fitting because the guys at pink parcel also included a mascara!

Dark Kohl mascara by Bourjois this looks super black. Has the funkiest wand, like the givenchy ball one on top of each other. Lol

Now no monthly prep would be complete without some chocolate and a hot brew. I'm more of a coffee girl myself but it's nice to try new things. 

A teabag from novus in Persian pomegranate and a bar of daisy & dam while chocolate with lemon, poppy seed and baobab. Yummy.

Finally my favourite part of a pretty impressive box is this amazing teapot pendant from the guys at This Material Culture.

I love this necklace and I feel it only fair to say that my name is now Jasmine because clearly this is real life Aladdin, right?? :D

Overall I'm stoked with my return to pink parcel box. The make over has only added to an already impressive box. It makes that time of the month not so blah, with essentials, beauty, food and jewellery to put a smile on your face.

Want your own box? Check out www.pinkparcel.co.ukYour first box is only £7.95!

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 19 October 2015

When life gives you lemons...

Punch it in the nuts and go buy a lipstick ;p

Hey guys,

Long time no speak, had some shiz to sort out and haven't had the time or pizazz? Motivation? Brains? to post on the old blog here. 

Weight loss wise I'm a fucking failure. Pardon my French (sorry mum) but dieting is hard and when you have your hormonal, manic depressive brain telling you to give up its not worth it, things get tough.

Not going to lie, I've been eating shit and haven't exercised (erm its cold?) oops. Factor in feeling like a loser and you can sort of understand why I've hidden under the covers and played dead. Right? 

Anyway this post has got seriously depressing so I thought I'd mention how I'm working on new ways to snap out of my 'black moods' as they've now been christened and start getting myself in gear and on track (hmm why do I sound like a rally driver?) lol

On a positive side my beauty collection is getting enormous! At least my lipstick looks hot when I'm feeling blah ;) haha

Stay strong people and send positive vibes my way!

Much Love,

Bex x 

Ps got some cracking products to share with you all. Coming soooooon :) x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Great British Bath Off

Hello lovelies,

Today I'm excited as it's the final of the Great British Bake Off and for those like me who love a good cake but alas need to abstain, I have something to share that will tickle your senses like a perfectly risen sponge!

People, it's the Great British Bath Off!! Haha. 

These fabulous lil products from Rose & Co are bath beauties. At first I wanted to take a bite but I managed to restrain myself ;)

With the age old rose scent from days gone by, this soap is visually appealing, smells like the Chelsea flower show and will keep you clean after use. No crumbs ;)

Next we have these mini bath bomb beauts to tickle your fizz switch. Set like mini tartlettes, it's a cute twist on the current bath bomb trend. Run a bath, choose a tart and relax with another floral masterpiece for the senses.

The great thing about Rose & Co is that everything is handmade. You can see the attention to detail and the glitter! Who doesnt love glitter? :D

So for all my fellow dieters, the gluten free peeps or those who just like cute bath products, go check out www.rose-apothecary.co.uk and have fun choosing some new bath babies to try!

You might not be able to eat these tasty treats but you'll have a fabulous time relaxing in the bath or washing your hands, maybe after making a cake? Lol

What do you think of these handmade pretties? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 5 October 2015

Glossybox Style Edition

Hey guys,

It's Glossybox time again. Although I am a bit late. Oops!

Anyway this months box was kinda cool. The guys at Glossybox HQ have created a box with a mixture of hair, nails and eye make up items.

A pigment from the brand bellapierre, in a off grey shade which the glossy crew dubbed 'greigh' this is a lovely pigment, blends beautifully and looks great.

I was happy to see a brush to apply the pigment. By the brand marsk, another brand I like (I have some pigments by them too :D) this eye brush made applying product a doddle.

Next Glossybox hooked us up with some invisibles. Cool concept, I'm happy with the knot ties at the mo but it's a cute box.

The nail inc polish in Battersea Park which ties in with the greigh colour theme. It's not my cup of tea shade wise (I really wanted the pink one) but my sister in law likes it so it's not a total waste ;)

Finally I got a beasty tub of Maria Nila luminous colour masque which is said have ingredients which will nourish, strengthen and protect with the added bonus of enhancing both coloured and natural hair. Who doesn't like glossy locks? 

So not a bad box this month. I'm so hit and miss with beauty boxes that I get super excited if I like a box. Lol. What do you think?

Much Love,

Bex x