Sunday, 12 March 2017

March weigh in & feeling fat...

Hey guys,

Weightloss is a funny thing. For those who don't need or want to lose weight you'll never know the mental struggle you have trying to lose weight. Sure we can logically say 'eat less, move more' but that's like saying to a toddler having a tantrum to 'just stop' ever tried that? Yeah doesn't work that well.

positive quote

February was a shit month I'm not going to lie. My PMDD was sheer torture to the point I deactivated twitter and Facebook because I'm a shit excuse for a human being and who likes me anyway? 
Then to top is off the 1st of March saw my stats (blog & YouTube) look uber pathetic as I'm decreasing instead of growing (good for losing weight, crap for growing bubblybex3 lolz) which isn't the be all and end all but feeling like a raging hormonal bitch ready to go all Kung fu panda it kinda sucked. This isn't a cry for compliments by the way.
The icing on top of the shit cake was the fact I only lost 3lb in February!

Hold on!!!! Only? I only lost 3lb! ONLY!! 

Let's take a step back! I lost 3lb. That's 6 cups of sugar that's been removed from my body and I'm sad about that? 

I'll be honest, I wanted to lose 8lb so I'd finally hit an overall loss of 5 stone yet I should still see the success in losing 3lb. I think my disappointment stems from feeling hormonal and the fear that I'm losing my 'mojo' with my diet. I'm scared that as I'm feeling hungrier I'm suddenly going to go back to eating loads and gain it all back with interest.
I'm not but I needed this shake up to retweak my approach, get moving again (I'm so lazy) and acknowledge the fact I'm human. I'll have some bumps in the road but I shouldn't let this define how I deal with it! 

March has been kinda slow in making positive changes but I feel like the fog has lifted to quote tangled and at last I see the light after living in darkness the last few weeks. Erm not trying to be poetic here, I really feel like I've been living in a dark bubble lately but I'm ready to smile again.

smiling selfie

Here's to a more upbeat month...

Much Love,

Bex X 

Ps: feeling soooo much better now my hormones have chilled out and I'm ready to kick arse this month (I hope) haha 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Coloured Raine single shadow: Superstar

Hey guys,

I wasn't going to write this post as it's only about one shadow but seriously this colour needs to be shared far and wide! I'm talking about the Coloured Raine single pan shadow in Superstar. This is a stunning yellow gold in a foil/metallic finish.

selfie with coloured raine superstar single shadow in action

First up the pigment on this shade is impressive! It's bright, it's vibrant and lasted really well. I have hooded lids and it didn't fade even in my wrinkle line thing I have going on on my lid. Phew what a mouthful ;)

swatch of the foiled shadow superstar by coloured raine

For this particular shade and finish I had no fall out or kick up in the pan. Foils tend to be soft so it's not often you'll get these issues anyway but I thought I'd mention it. I bought mine from Beautybay for £6.75 in the sale but the shadows are normally £9 which is honestly a good price for such a quality product.

I created this smoky eye using this shade and I love it so much! I definitely recommend these shadows and if you can get this shade I say DO IT!!!

smoky eye using the coloured raine shadow in superstar

What do you think? Have you tried Coloured Raine shadows?

Much Love,

Bex X 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The little things....

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it's nearly March already? Geez I sound old! Haha. I'm so excited for March 1st to hit because I'm hoping that weigh in will bring me to a total loss of 5 stone!!! So fingers and toes crossed!!

the difference losing weight makes

Anyway for those who've lost weight you'll know about those little moments where you really notice the changes. It can be something really simple but boy does it make you smile and feel proud of how well you're doing!

Today I thought I'd share my proud little moments so far on my weightloss journey.

  • at my biggest if I turned in the shower I'd scrape my bum across the doors. Now I can bop around like a crazy woman and don't even touch the doors!

  • my towel fits around me! Plus I have some extra so I'm like those actresses who have towel scenes with loads to spare ;)

  • I fit into shoes that I couldn't get my big toe in before! Bring on the heels!

  • I can see more of my eyes now. Before my fat kinda swallowed them up especially with my cheeks being so erm full. Haha

  • I'm using way less foundation!

  • on the same face theme I don't have to 'contour' as many chins as I used to do. Bex and her 5 chins are no more ;)

  • the cinema seats are way more comfortable!! No more squeezing my hips into those buggers! Now I can wiggle around like a toddler on a sugar high! 

  • I tried on some of my mums skinny jeans and they not only fit but were baggy in places! Move over Kendall...

  • I'm starting to see collarbones!! Woohoo!

  • The best thing is seeing the differences in my videos. I can not only see the physical changes but the confidence I have a gained is amazing.

I'm so excited to see what other changes I can see as I lose even more weight! For now I'm going to continue to booty shake in the shower without the fear I'll get wedged in! Lolz

Much Love,

Bex X 

Friday, 10 February 2017

February weigh in...

Hey guys,

Sooo as per my goals for 2017 I'm on the ball with this update...lolz

Ha my lack of organisation aside I thought I'd check in with Feb 1st's weigh in and all that jazz. So drum roll please...I lost 8lb! Woohoo!!!

January was a bit of a meh month. Between feeling a bit shitty and eating way more snacks than I needed to I was praying I'd lose something so to see an 8lb loss really cheered me up.
This brings my total loss to 62lb or 4 stone 6lb! Whilst this isn't the fastest diet I've ever done, I'm beyond happy with how it's going. I'm happy (most of the time), not hungry and I'm losing weight slowly but surely.
You can see the difference in the picture below. Same hair style, same dress and even the same lipstick...major weight change ;)

The exercise is still a work in progress. Although if mentally thinking about exercising counts then I'm practically an Olympic athlete! Haha 

My blog has turned a bit stagnant I'm not going to lie. I just feel like I don't have much to say anymore and who wants to read the wafflings of an insecure fat chick who's approaching her 30's! 

That being said I'm giving myself 'another' kick up the arse because who cares if no one reads! I'm doing this shit for me. I just get so overwhelmed with numbers and stats and other people doing fabulously that I let my own negative thinking ruin the enjoyment of just posting on my blog! So silly...

On a more positive vibe, uploading on YouTube is going well. I've set myself a schedule, every Monday I'll post my weekly vlog (I'm on week 6! Woohoo) and Wednesdays will be a makeup look and Saturdays will be a review type video. I think that's a nice mix and I'm really enjoying my channel at the moment. 

Anyway I've babbled enough. Here's to a happier February and a more centred Bex ;)

Much Love,

Bex X