Wednesday, 15 June 2016

#NWmeet: My first event

Hey guys,

Today's post is all about the NWmeet blogger event I attended in Liverpool at the end of April. This event was set up by the fabulous Katy from with proceeds going towards Mind.

Now for those who know me, you'll know that going to new places and "socialising" with humans does make me slightly nervous, OK a lot nervous. It's more to do with driving to new places, the anxiety of finding somewhere to park (please tell me I'm not the only one who worries over parking?) and the initial 'will they like me?' etc etc

So on that surprisingly nice day (looked like rain but Liverpool was sunny) I set off on my road trip. On arriving in Liverpool I met up with the lovely Danielle and Emma who were my guides to ameriesko an American-esque coffee bar. 

The event was in the downstairs meeting room and was set up with comfy chairs, tables and around the room Katy had set up the raffle prizes and some drinks.

I was excited to meet some of my favourite people (Katy, Jemma, Olivia and Caitlin) to meeting new friends (Lydia, Laren, Tamzin, Rachel, Danielle and Emma) and some I really wish I'd chatted to in person as we've become friends on Twitter (I'd like to think lol) Sarah I'm looking at you ;)

It was really nice to put faces and Twitter names to all the people I've followed and have a conversation with some really lovely ladies.

After some time having a good old gab and butting into everyone's conversations with 'Hi I'm Bex' lol. Katy then got up to welcome everyone and talk about the raffle and that a lady from Weleda will be doing a demonstration soon.

The weleda talk was very informative and I'm very intrigued by skin food as a primer. So watch this space!

Sadly the day had to end and we were given a huge goodie bag which as you can see from my pictures was full of some fabulous products! The brands were very generous :)

Oh I was also lucky enough to win a raffle prize which is this cute necklace from Beetle Cherry made by the talented Claire Munday and I love how some of the proceeds go towards helping animals in the wild. You can check the website out here.


Oh I've also made an unboxing video which you can watch here :)

I had a fabulous time and I'd like to thank Katy for all her hard work and to the brands for being so generous! 

Much Love,

Bex X

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Writers Block Sucks!

Hello internet people!

As you can no doubt tell from the title, I'm currently navigating my way through the mind numbingly frustrating concept of writers block!

Gah just saying it pisses me off! I have so many products to share and updates yet everytime I go to type?

Zilch! Zip! Nada!

I had the idea that facing my blog dilemma would kickstart the ole thought process and get me back on my game, so far nothing but I live in hope! 

Brain don't fail me now! 

So this is me, saying I'm shit and praying I get a clue soooooon!

Much Love,

Bex x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Freedom Makeup Goodies!

Hey lovelies,

I'm so excited to share my next load of goodies and today's brand of choice is Freedom Makeup! 
Now I must confess I made this order a few months ago but I've finally pulled my finger out and actually opened the products! Woohoo! ;)

view of my purchase

The main thing I wanted to try is the glycolic glow toner and the priming water from the pro studio range. These are more affordable dupes of the Pixi glow tonic and smashbox primer water so it'll be interesting to see how these play on my face.

                        freedom makeup pro studio glycolic glow tonic and priming water

Whilst browsing I was looking at the eye primer and fixing spray when I noticed they did a makeup artist essentials kit with others bits and pieces which was reduced in price so I thought why not?! 

freedom makeup pro artist essentials kit

This is a cracking set. Included was a colour corrector.

close up and swatches of the freedom makeup colour corrector

A contour kit which is in the shade fair.

close up and swatches of the freedom makeup contour kit in fair

Plus the eye primer (swatch in the photo below) and fixing spray as well as a mattifying face primer. The best of the bunch is this fabulous highlighter! It's got a gold iridescent glow which looks beautiful on the skin.

close up and swatches of the freedom makeup highlighter and eye primer

and finally in that set you get an eyebrow palette but it's not the right shade for me unfortunately.

close up of the freedom makeup brow pomade and powder brow kit

Luckily I bought the freedom makeup brow pomade which is a great product and is such a bargain too.

                        up close of the freedom makeup black arts eyeshadow palette

Finally I got the black arts eyeshadow palette which is fabulous!

few swatches of the freedom makeup black arts palette

The above is a few random swatches using one swipe. The only shade I was disappointed about was the navy blue as its quite sheer.

overview of the freedom makeup products i bought

Overall I'm pretty impressed with freedom makeup! The quality is great and it's affordable too. You can check out my haul video here.

Want to try them out? Visit freedom makeup and have fun! :)
Have you tried this brand? What do you think of my goodies? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sweet Treats with Weight Watchers

Hello guys,

It's been ages since I posted about my weightloss journey so I thought why not give a quick update whilst also sharing some tasty desserts to tuck into this! 

First off though I have a bone to pick with Weight Watchers! Namely their frozen desserts and how delicious they are!

A while back I was sent some vouchers so I could grab a few of the Weight Watchers frozen treats which is awesome as I'm being a good girl (no Cadburys for me!) and I think it's nice to enjoy a few goodies especially when they're low fat.

However my first attempt at this taste test and even snapping a few pics for this post was a fail. Why you ask? Well my lovely family decided to eat every single dessert!!! 

So here's take two of dessert heaven, purchased by me! Lol. 

Right I'm still on this weight loss shindig. I'm going to start posting more I've just been a bit lax lately. I'm following the high protein, low carb plan as it works better for me. I'm not as hungry and I tend to lose more! Winner.

I'm not completely cutting out treats as I feel that denying yourself makes you crave it more. What I am doing is being sensible. I don't need to eat a family size bar of chocolate every night as that won't help me shed the lard.

The great thing about trying new sweet options is that you can find different tastes and textures which will soothe the crazy fat girl who wants it all whilst still being good diet wise.

I like the Weight Watchers toffee and honeycomb sundae and the Chocolate ice cream is delicious especially during monster week (TMI?) hey I'm female, I get cravings. Sue me ;)
My niece is also a fan, nothing like a cold treat on a hot day :)

Fancy trying some yourself? You can find them on the frozen aisle in most supermarkets. I got mine from Asda :)

Oh and I'm getting weighed (finally) this week so will post an up date when I do! Wish me luck! Lol.

Much Love,

Bex X

* whilst I purchased these myself I was originally gifted some vouchers. In the interest of full disclosure I wanted to be honest and reiterate that all opinions are my own. It's dessert people! Who lies about dessert? :)