Sunday, 11 June 2017

Turning 30...

Hello guys,

Well it's official! I am now a thirty year old!!! *cue the violin* lol

picture of bex from bubblybex3

I had the most amazing birthday! I was truely spoilt and I can't wait to film my birthday video and show off my pretties!

The day before my birthday I had an epic shopping trip in the Trafford Centre and spent far too much on the Urban Decay counter! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging if seems. Ha

Then after a delicious five guys (omg what took me so long?!) seriously the banana and peanut butter milkshake is to die for! We went to the Marriott to stay over and it was brilliant.

I love staying at the Marriott in Worsley, such a lovely atmosphere and as it's a country club it's very relaxed and quaint. Plus the twin rooms have double beds not single like most hotels so that's an extra bonus!

Waking up on my birthday I was surprised with a sylvanian family cottage and after wanting one since I was 7 you can bet your arse I was excited! My parents are amazing!!

After a delicious buffet breakfast and a chill in the room (yay to late checkout) we ventured home where I had a few more goodies to open. It was then time to get ready for my birthday meal!

This is where my parents surprised me with a Micheal Kors watch!!!!! OMG!!! I screamed when I saw it. I love this so much! It's so stunning and I love that it's a mix of girly and quirky which is me ;)

the most amazing watch ever!!

I could write all day about everything I got up to, all the gifts I got and the emotions I felt but I'll leave it here before you fall asleep. Lol. I want to thank everyone for their birthday messages and a big thank you to my wonderful parents! You guys rock!

Much Love,

Bex X

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

June's weigh in: turning 30, purple hair and weight gain!

Hello beautiful people!!

Well today is the beginning of June and this is my birthday month!!!! In only 6 sleeps ill be turning 30 and entering a whole new age bracket *get ready for the anti wrinkle cream reviews*

bex from bubblybex3

I got weighed today as its the first and after a month of eating crap I wasn't surprised to see I'd gained 5lb. I'm actually pretty chuffed with that as I though it'd be more so yay to small positives. After my breakdown last month (hormones played a major part in my mood) I feel ok, I was expecting this gain and to be honest I've enjoyed having a break.

Dieting is hard and since the start of the year I've struggled to find my zone again. I'm constantly second guessing myself, thinking of all the foods I can eat and why I'm not like those other people who make exercise look easy. This is obviously not a good way to think or feel so having May off was needed so I can get it out of my system and find myself again as cliché as that sounds.

So what's in store for me and bubblybex3. Well I have a lot planned for my birthday, lots of shopping, eating and family time so I'm not thinking of anything diet or exercise until Saturday 10th June. I'll be restarting bootcamp (on a holiday as I can't make classes with my birthday plans) and I'll be back on the ole healthy eating train. Plus water baby, got to get that water in especially as its been so hot!

After all my numerous festivities and I'm back in the zone I'm hoping to get back into my blog again. I have a shit load of makeup to talk about and other stuff I'd like to include if I could only pull my finger out long enough to write something! lol

I'm also going to get back into filming videos. I've not had the time or the enthusiasm lately to film makeup videos but I can feel it coming back to me and I'm excited to see what the rest of 2017 brings. I've still been doing my weekly vlogs (playlist here) but I'd really like to play with makeup again.

bex from bubblybex3 rocking purple hair

Finally as an added yay. I dyed my hair purple. After the awful tragedy that hit Manchester in May I realised life is too short so I went for it. Not a big deal to most but it is for me and I bloody love the colour!

Hope you stick around with me, life isn't pretty all the time but its one hell of a ride...

Much Love,

Bex X

Monday, 1 May 2017

May's weigh in. Am I more than a number? 

Hey guys,

So mays weigh in was a bust. I've gained 2lb and lost my 5 stone lost badge! Woe is me *cue the worlds smallest violin* and to be honest it's really hit me hard. 

That sounds overly dramatic for a 2lb gain when it's me that ate too much but I've been having such a rubbish time lately that this was the crappy icing on top of a shitty cake and I just lost it. 

After holding back tears because no way were Boots customers ready for my ugly crying I decided not to give a damn. As I was in Bury I went to this pancake cafe I'd be eyeing for weeks.

delicious pancake from quick crepe bury

Quick Crepe Bury had a lovely feel and after browsing the rather extensive menu I decided to go sweet with a banana and Nutella crepe as I'm not quite ready to try a savoury pancake yet.

It was delicious! I used the time to reflect on what's happening with me and the fact that I'm ruled by numbers. 

Weightloss or gain in this case
Followers, subscribers and likes

All I think about nowadays is about what pounds I'm losing or spending (lol) why people unsubscribe from my channel (it's not a big deal but still why don't they love me?) and if people actually like me or if I'm über annoying! It's a never ending cycle of self doubt and I feel pathestic getting worked up so much over numbers! 

I know this is mostly hormones (curse you pmdd!) and being a greedy bitch but I seriously need an intervention! Self sabotage is not the answer to my problems!'s a new month, let's hope I can shed this extra 2lb at least. Lol 

Much Love,

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

I've started bootcamp!

Hey guys,

So after meeting up with an old friend a few weeks ago and chatting about my weight loss and how I need to up my exercise game, I was promptly dragged to her bootcamp to check out the vibe. My friend works fast! Lol

Anyway the bootcamp Durable Fitness is based in Radcliffe and Daniel who owns it is really nice and I immediately felt at ease. I'm one of those fat chicks who gets nervous about fitness venues as I'm scared everyone will judge me! 


Yes this is a silly fear but it is what it is and I'm pleased to say my overactive imagination was very wrong. I got such a positive feeling from this bootcamp and Daniel offered me a free taster session that Saturday! It was on people!

hoodie with my name on

Saturday rolled around and I woke up nervous but excited to go to my first HIIT class in years. I was suitably dressed in fitness gear, colourful trainers and my ever present water bottle so off I popped to work out muscles that didn't even know they were muscles. Lol

The Saturday class was core focused so think lots of planks! The warm up was a lot of fun and the class was a mixture of ages and fitness levels. I didn't feel out of the loop as I ran around puffing and panting like a pug on a walk. 

After warm up we were split into two groups, one side focusing on cardio (stuff that gets the heart pumping baby) the other on resistance (think planks, back raises etc) and after 2 rounds of each move we switched over.

Omg guys! I AM SO UNFIT!!! Not going to lie the workout killed me! I was out of breath, I was red in the face and my legs turned to jelly but I bloody loved it! So much I signed up straight away! No more excuses, no waiting till after my birthday in June, it starts now people!

So I'll be going 3 days a week and I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring. If you've watched any of my vlogs (cheeky link to my playlist) you'll know I've had a few crappy weeks mentally and my food hasn't been that great so this has given me the push to get back in the zone. 

Sometimes it's not about quitting when things get tough, it's about changing the direction you're heading in and making it work for you! 

I'll still be doing monthly weigh ins and I must remember to do my inches! I'll also take some pictures so I can compare progress over the next few months!

I'm excited guys! Hope you stick with me...

Much Love,

Bex X

Ps: I totally had to buy a hoodie with my name one! Lol